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D Magazine April 2007

Cover Story

The Best Chicken-Fried Steak in Dallas

Our chicken-fried steak expert braves “frozen patty syndrome” and “loose sockiness” so you don’t have to. Thanks to his tireless efforts, you have all the information you need about who has the best chicken-fried steak and why.
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Cover Story

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mayoral Race

It seems as though there are more people running for mayor than there are registered voters. With 21 candidates (so far), why aren’t we more excited about our options?

Where’s Your Property Tax Cut?

Local politicians are grabbing it before you can. Only your legislator can stop them.

Artist Tom Pribyl Takes a New Look at an Old Form

Dallas artist Tom Pribyl wanted to try something different. For 10 years, he’d painted interior scenes. Now he wanted to branch out, to challenge himself. The solution: paint-by-number.

Bluffton, South Carolina

This getaway has it all: luxurious digs, flawless services, fine dining—all in an eco-friendly environment.

Essay: Like Father, Like Son

Taking a second-grader’s science project can be hazardous to a marriage.

Family of Film Directors

We begin with the beautiful Amanda Peet. The Hollywood starlet knows Amy Talkington, a native of Dallas, who two years ago in L.A. had a script in need of actors.

From Colleyville to the Catwalk

Ali Michael didn’t plan to model until two years ago when a friend’s mother suggested she attend open casting at Dallas’ Kim Dawson Agency. The agency was impressed but told her to come back for its local model search competition, when her braces would be off.

Homegrown Beauty Blends

Primp to perfection with these homegrown beauty blends.

How the Internet Saved the Comic Strip

Scott Kurtz’s web site is—gasp—really funny.