Woman of Style

Lovely local deejay Lucy Wrubel shares her style secrets and her iPod playlist.

Most likely seen in: gold sunglasses, turquoise earrings, vintage Pucci, and tank tops from J. Crew.

Personal fashion icons: No. 1 and most fabulous is my mom, Jennie Reeves. She inspires me in so many ways. Women’s Wear Daily named her best-dressed college co-ed while she attended Oklahoma State University, and they didn’t even know that she designed her own clothes! My parents were high school sweethearts, and my dad’s mother was a seamstress, so he would give my mom fabric as gifts. She would sketch something like a cashmere mini skirt and then my grandmother would make it for her. She still mixes it up better than anyone I know. She’ll wear baseball caps with Chanel, and recently she was wearing Fendi python pants, a Project Alabama top, and a cowboy hat. And she pulled it off perfectly! My distant Nos. 2 and 3 fashion icons are Gwen Stefani and Blondie. I admire people who are brave enough to wear what feels right to them.
Wearing head-to-toe couture is easy.

Favorite designers: Dries Van Noten, vintage Pucci, vintage Paganne, and anything Fendi. Miss Sixty for jeans. Also, I raid my mom’s closet for Chanel jackets to wear with jeans.

Best ever fashion find: beaded Navajo clutch at the Santa Fe flea market.

Best shopping spots: Forty Five Ten, Ahab Bowen, Urban Outfitters, and Ebay.

TOP: Mosley Tribes sunglasses ($195); BOTTOM: Gnarls Barkley ($18.99); LEFT: Nars Boogie Nights lip gloss ($23)

Notable fashion moment: I found a no-name brand black tunic-style dress with rhinestones at Ahab Bowen that I thought I was buying for $44. But when I got to the register, they told me it was half off. I then wore it to Art Ball this year and everyone kept asking me if it was vintage Chanel. Of course I was wearing it with $600 Dior shoes.

Wish list for fall: a Fendi spy bag, Christian Louboutin python pumps, and Le Shack dresses.

Signature bag and what’s in it: a metallic Fendi bag from two seasons ago. It is still so chic in my mind and proves that quality lasts. In it are gold hair elastics, mini Louis Vuitton pocket makeup mirror, Nars Boogie Nights lip gloss, Bumble and Bumble hair powder, and laminated photos of my daughter Stella.

Style team: Ben McCleneshan at Salon Select for haircuts and killer blowouts that last for days. Richard Hayler for color. Kathy Dean of Richard Brooks Couture Fabrics made all of my maternity clothes and can make anything from a sketch.

What’s on your iPod: Gnarls Barkley, Gwen Stefani, Manu Chao, Jovanoti (Italian hip-hop star), old Police, and always reggae.

LEFT TO RIGHT: J.Crew tank ($14.50); Miss Sixty Eden skinny jean ($189); Lucy’s mom (and fashion inspiration) Jennie Reeves

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