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The Best Burger in Dallas

Who doesn’t have an opinion about what it takes to make a great cheeseburger? We certainly do. We scouted bars, restaurants, dives, and drive-ins all over town to find a cheeseburger that beats them all. After consuming more than 100,000 calories, we found it. PLUS: how to build the perfect burger.
By Nancy Nichols |

How to Build the Perfect Burger

A great burger is bigger than the sum of its parts. But some outstanding parts deserve to be recognized. In a perfect world, we would assemble the quintessential Dallas burger using the best of what we tasted.


[inline_image id=”4″ align=”r” crop=”tall”]Spinal Tap waxed poetic about the loveliness of a Big Bottom, but the bread atop the two-fisted half-pounder at Lee Harvey’s, baked at Empire Bakery, is a thing of beauty. One judge exclaimed, “If you like big buns, this is a bun you’ll lust for.”


One romaine-crazed judge downgraded every burger with iceberg. Another preferred the crunch of thick slabs of iceberg. Thanks to Joe Willy’s for fulfilling all of the judges’ leafy obsessions.


A thick slice of cold tomato is great on a salad, but it’s bad for a burger because it brings down the temperature. My perfect burger has no tomato. However, if you must say “tomato,” Lee Harvey’s uses thinly sliced romas.


Hot, bubbling, and oozing over the side is what we like. The bun at Stan’s Blue Note is covered with a thick layer of cheddar. We loved the mini-grilled cheese effect created by a cheese-crusted rim. It’s like two great sandwiches in one.


A true burger comes from freshly ground meat. No ifs, ands, or preformed butts. Nobody comes close to Wingfield’s, where grill master Richard Wingfield lines his half-pound patties across the griddle and buries them under a mass of metal presses. Honorable mention: Angry Dog


The key to pickle success lies in the equal distribution across the meat. Three little chips hastily piled on top of the patty don’t cut the mustard. I need wall-to-wall dill. Hole in the Wall pickles their burger just right.


White onions on a burger are better than red. No argument. And diced over thin-sliced. At Club Schmitz the onions are diced nice, white, and polite.


JG’s treats a burger bun the way a burger bun should be treated: slathered with butter and grilled to toasty perfection. The added flavor and crunch create a taste sensation over and below the meat—a sure cure for soggy bun syndrome.

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