Review: Bangkok Inn

You can dine in, too, but like most good takout joints, this tiny Thai place is more about good food than ambience.

Every neighborhood deserves some tasty Thai takeout, and for Lakewood residents, that means Bangkok Inn. Sure, you can dine in, too, but like many good takeout joints, this tiny restaurant, with a funky consignment store to the right and cookie-cutter, newly constructed housing on the left, is more about good food than ambience.

The layout is weird, the glass-topped tables are cramped, and the phone rings constantly (that’s because everyone’s getting delivery, you see). But no matter where you eat it, the food is solid: crisp and sweet corn patties, plump pork-and-shrimp-filled dumplings served with a lip-tingling sweet chile dipping sauce, satisfyingly spicy Penang curry, and “unbelievably delicious” pad Thai. (Those are their words, not ours, but we concur.) Suffering from the sniffles? Forget about chicken soup and order a bowl of tom yam kai, a traditional Thai soup with chile, lemon grass, onions, tomatoes, and straw mushrooms. The staff, from the guy who answers the phone to the one who delivers your noodles, couldn’t be nicer.

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