Spratt’s cupcakes are must-haves for any special occasion. photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Meet Cake Queen Jackie Spratt

The sought-after wedding-cake maker reclaims her throne.

Jackie Spratt founded Le Gateau Cakery in 1981. For years she basked in the spotlight as one of the city’s most sought-after wedding-cake makers. In 1995, she sold the business and put her tiara in storage. In October 2004, she reclaimed her throne in a tiny space across from SMU. Today she is back in business and turning out scrumptious butter almond, citrus poppy seed, dark chocolate, and Italian cream cakes, to name a few, all finished with your choice of icing. She uses only quality ingredients, including sweet butter, heavy whipping cream, and real liqueurs. And she is having a blast: her funky flower cakes, sophisticated tiered cakes, and festive chocolate cupcakes covered in pink butter cream and dipped in chocolate ganache are must-haves for any special occasion. Long live the queen. (Cakes are special order only.) 3408 McFarlin Blvd. 214-780-0504.

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