Jimmy’s Cuban is filled with ham, pork, pickles, and mustard and pressed firmly. photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

The Real Deal: Jimmy’s Cuban Sandwich

Mike and Paul DiCarlo reopen Dallas’ favorite Italian market.

The tragic news of a fire at Jimmy’s Food Store brought local foodies to tears. A year later, owners Mike and Paul DiCarlo have reopened and expanded the popular neighborhood spot. Run—don’t walk—for a Cuban sandwich filled with ham, pork, pickles, and mustard, pressed firmly to form a lip-burning, soul-satisfying meal. And, yes, the famous Jimmy’s sausage is back in the meat case filled with other delectable meats (thin beef sliced for bresaola) and Italian cheeses. Yummy homemade meatballs are in the freezer, and Jimmy’s signature marinara sauce made with Marzano tomatoes is in the fridge. Just heat and eat. Everything in life should be so simple and so sublime.


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