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Review: Randy’s Steakhouse

Quite a few menu items have a Cajun theme, and that’s where owner Randy Burks’ true heart seemed to beat.
By Teresa Gubbins |

Randy’s Steakhouse has prevailed for 13 years, an early settler in Frisco, preceding the town’s phenomenal boom. To survive that long, it must be doing something right. Right?
Maybe it’s the setting in a charming old home, built in 1869 and situated on Main Street in the old part of town. Or perhaps it’s the young servers, so earnest and eager to please. And forget not the personal touch of chef-owner Randy Burks who, despite his chef’s whites, dawdles in the house’s various dining rooms, schmoozing customers.

Cuz it sure ain’t the steak. You’d think a ribeye, one advertised as Prime, would be a sure thing, but Randy’s had an inexcusably tough texture, with thick, ropey streaks of fat. It’s not the fish, either: broiled snapper was a sorry thing, with a loose, watery texture, a fishy smell and taste. Yet its crabmeat and Pontchartrain cream sauce seemed not bad.
Quite a few menu items had a Cajun theme, and that’s where Randy’s true heart seemed to beat: mud bugs, unapologetically rich bread pudding, cheesy deep-fried stuffed jalapeños. It’s a funky place pretending to be a high-end joint—and thus destined to disappoint those who fall for the masquerade.

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