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Girls! Girls! Girls!

We went on the prowl for some sexy, single ladies. With help from our readers, we found them. Herewith, bodacious babes with brains and bods. Meet the most eligible bachelorettes in Dallas.
By D Magazine |

Left to right: Tammy, Shanna, and Monica

Tanya Michel

Age: 32
Job: special education teacher, former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor
What she’s looking for in a guy: a best friend; someone who’s well-rounded emotionally, mentally, and physically
How she describes herself: empathetic, loving, outgoing, a good friend
What she’s reading now: her students’ papers (“I don’t have time to read.”)
Her motto: “Build a bridge; get over it.”

Tammy English
Age: 32
Job: child life specialist intern at Scottish Rite
What she’s looking for in a guy: Christianity, spontaneity, fun-loving
How she describes herself: energetic, always happy
What she’s reading now: It’s Not About the Bike, by Lance Armstrong


Her motto: “It could be worse.”

Shanna Watson
Age: 24
Job: IT consultant
What she’s looking for in a guy: good character, respectfulness, intelligence, a good sense of humor, a kind soul, “good looks wouldn’t hurt”
How she describes herself: happy, intelligent, nice, likes to laugh
What she’s reading now: Answered Prayers, by Danielle Steele
Her motto: “Live every moment to its fullest.”

Monica Peña
Age: 27
What she’s looking for in a guy: someone with quiet strength, his own sense of style, ambition, versatility, intelligence, a silly side
How she describes herself: happy, energetic, spiritual, athletic
What she’s reading now: Power of Focus, by Jack Canfield
Her motto: “Go in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” —Henry David Thoreau

Valerie Jackson
Age: 22
Job: student and nanny
What she’s looking for in a guy: someone who’s ambitious, likes to have fun, unpredictability
How she describes herself: charismatic (“I’m told that a lot”), spontaneous, random
What she’s reading now: The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
Her motto: “Limited goals create limited lives.”

Left to right: Valerie, Michelle, Patty, and Natasha

Michelle Baker
Age: 24
Job: client associate for a leading financial firm
What she’s looking for in a guy: intelligence and depth (“I meet a lot of shallow, immature, materialistic guys.”)
How she describes herself: compassionate, goal-oriented, outgoing
What she’s reading now: The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren
Her motto:
“If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you
are getting. If you don’t like what you are getting, you need to pay
attention to what you are doing.”

Patty Talley
Age: 53
Job: sales
What she’s looking for in a guy: intelligence, edginess, fitness, spirituality, “a rich doctor—just kidding”
How she describes herself: driven, compulsive, clean, able to compromise, “a polka-dancin’ fool”
What she’s reading: A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens
Her motto: “Sing like nobody’s listening. Dance like nobody’s watching. Love like your heart has never been broken.”

Cheryl (left) and Peggy (right)

Natasha Koushpeleva

Age: 26
Job: credit analyst for convertible arbitrage hedge fund
What she’s looking for in a guy: compassion, eagerness to learn and grow, a healthy lifestyle, joie de vivre
How she describes herself: well-rounded, open-hearted, authentic, self-reliant
What she’s reading now: Women and Beauty, by Sophia Loren
Her motto: “From Siberia with love”

Cheryl Austin
Age: 35
Job: regional sales manager for Herend, Moser & Present Tense
What she’s looking for in a guy: integrity, character, sincerity, good looks
How she describes herself: down to earth, fun, dependable, loyal
What she’s reading now: Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown
Her motto: “Live life to the fullest.”
Peggy Facklis
Age: 31
Job: labor attorney for Jenkens & Gilchrist
What she’s looking for in a guy: honesty, intelligence, sincerity, a great sense of humor, love for family and friends
How she describes herself: good-natured, a little sarcastic, driven, down to earth, spontaneous
What she’s reading now: Collected  Novellas, by Gabriel García Márquez
Her motto: “Work hard. Play harder.”

Sarah Dodd
Job: anchor/reporter for KTVT Channel 11
What she’s looking for in a guy: someone who’s confident, respectful, loyal, adventurous, likes to travel
How she describes herself: spontaneous but somewhat serious
What she’s reading now: American Soldier, by Tommy Franks
Her motto: “If you dream it, you can achieve it.”

Tricia Pickering
Age: 31
Job: medical sales
What she’s looking for in a guy: great sense of humor, confidence
How she describes herself: funny, witty, smart-ass, adventurous, independent
What she’s reading now: Good to Great, by Jim Collins
Her motto: “Live for today.”