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D Magazine July 2004

A Fine Vintage

Our top picks for resale and vintage never skimp on style.

An Insider’s Guide to Key West

Some people who moved to Key West because of its funky, sea-beaten patina aren’t as impressed by the sudden spurt of beautification as visitors are. But we promise it’s a good thing.
Best Lists

Best Pediatric Specialists in Dallas

Our exclusive list of the best 179 pediatric specialists in Dallas-Fort
Worth. PLUS: U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona has declared obesity,
the new millennium’s latest threat to public health, an epidemic.
Obesity is certainly nothing new, but now it’s affecting our kids.
Here’s how to fight it.

BUSINESS: The Most Powerful Shopper

JCPenney CEO Vanessa Castagna ranked No. 41 on Fortune’s list of the country’s 50 most powerful female executives. Although she didn’t mastermind the Dallas-based retailer’s remarkable turnaround, she did make it happen.

From Fort Worth to Fashion Week

If you haven’t heard of Matthew Earnest yet, you will. He has received rave reviews from the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Women’s Wear Daily. Inspired by prep-school uniforms and Texas style (jeans, blazers, boots), Earnest puts a

LAST HURRAH: A Little Trim

Think Hooters. Then think boxing. Now you’ve got Knockouts, the next level in men’s hairdressing.


A woman who plays corpses on TV crime shows, Tracy Rowlett has a few questions for our new police chief, how to thwart terrorists, The List, and so much more.
Best Lists

Rating the Suburbs

You may be tempted to lump together all suburbs as one faraway strip mall with hoards of SUVs and soccer moms. But the best of the Dallas burbs have come a long way, baby. Which have the best schools, lowest crime rates, and mos

Sex, Drugs, and the UNT Professor

Paul Schlieve seemed to lead a quiet, normal existence. Around campus,
he had a reputation as a computer expert; to his UNT colleagues, his
general attitude toward life seemed cautious, even prudish. Then
Schlieve befriended tattooed convict Gary Don Fran

White Nights

Stay chic and cool with a simple white dress.