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Elements of Style

By now you have seen the word that even Neiman Marcus acknowledges in its marketing strategy: metrosexual. These men wear beautiful clothes. They invest in potions and waxing. They are straight. They remind us of Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, and Cary G
By D Magazine |
Brandt Wood, Wilson Chu, John Reoch, Horatio Lonsdale-Hands, and Cary Rheder

The Dallas woman’s affinity for beauty treatments is legendary. She
will spend many dollars and go to great lengths in pursuit of pretty
hands, silky smooth feet, perfectly arched eyebrows, and a hairless
upper lip. Lately, though, her efforts have been hindered. The Dallas
gal has found the queue to the dermabrasion specialist a little longer.
Scoring a facial appointment has become a bit more frustrating. The
fancy Dallas woman has new competition in her quest to look soignée.

He is the metrosexual.

The term “metrosexual” was coined in 1994 by a writer named Mark Simpson in London’s Independent.
(He has since apologized for it.) He was ridiculing the dastardly
marketers behind glossy men’s magazines for feeding the consumerist,
narcissistic cravings that assault traditional masculinity. But then
the marketers, being dastardly, co-opted the word “metrosexual” and
began using it to sell even more skin moisturizer to straight men. In
June 2003, the New York Times wrote about metrosexuals. Fall brought Queer Eye For the Straight Guy
to TV. The trend officially came to Dallas in October, when Neiman
Marcus execs held a meeting to discuss a metrosexual marketing campaign.

That’s when we here at D Magazine
knew we could scarcely afford to stand by idly. It was time to take
pictures of metrosexuals and make a magazine feature with those
Because we were curious, we asked them to give us the skinny on what looking good really entails.

Hunter Sullivan, Ted Strauss, and Jeb Grote

Jeb Grote
Shops: Stanley Korshak, Calvin Klein, Prada in New York City. Labels: Kiton, Brioni, Prada, Calvin Klein. Biggest Fashion Mistake: Parachute pants. Health & Fitness: Personal trainer at Cooper Athletic Center. Diet: “Anything that doesn’t eat me first.” Beauty: Has his eyebrows waxed at the Cooper Spa. His massage therapist comes to his home. Favorite Potions: “Martinis … and Kiehl’s products.” The Lowdown: Said to date many pretty girls. Hates reporters.

Ted Strauss
Investment Banker
Shops: Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus. Favorite Labels: Oxxford and Belvest. Health & Fitness: Personal trainer comes to his home. Diet:
No diets. “I work out and do things in moderation—though that doesn’t
seem to negate the fact that my pants get bigger every year.” Beauty: Gets manicures and haircuts at Highland Park Village Barber Shop. The Lowdown: Though he was gracious, we felt silly asking him trivial questions about his grooming habits.

Hunter Sullivan
Shops: Neiman Marcus, J. Lindeberg in New York City. “I’ve shopped at Korshak. Who hasn’t?” Labels: Paul Smith, R.W. Furr for custom suits, Theory, vintage. Favorite Accessory: “I’ve got a coat that’s very old. It’s a cowboy coat and actually belonged to my grandfather.” Biggest Fashion Mistake: Parachute pants. Health & Fitness:
Kung fu twice a week, steam fanatic, runs on the beach when he’s in
California (his wife, Monique Demers, lives there and recently appeared
on CSI). Beauty: Gets a massage every month at
Greenhouse. Mani/pedi twice a year. “I dig spas. I like the body
exfoliation, facials, all of it.” Bea Hunter does his
microdermabrasion. The Lowdown: Even when he’s
talking about things that aren’t traditionally cool (Bea, his
microdermabrasion specialist), he’s the coolest person you’ll ever meet.

Cary Rheder
Shops: Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers. Labels: Ralph Lauren, Oxxford and Ermenegildo Zegna suits, Missoni ties. Biggest Fashion Mistake: Skids pants. Health & Fitness: Mountain biking, swimming, yoga. Diet: Balanced diet, red meat only every three or four months. “I have one habit of eating oatmeal and two pitted prunes a day.” Beauty: Mani/pedis at Promenade Village, massages at Neiman Marcus. Favorite Potions: Kiehl’s shaving cream and moisturizer. The Lowdown: Darling man on whom the Official Preppy Handbook might very well have been based. The prune habit leads us to believe he is quite regular.

Brandt Wood
Shops: Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak. Labels: Jil Sander, Katherine Hamnett, Jhane Barnes, D&G, Prada, Theory. Favorite Accessory: $1 scarf he found at a thrift shop. “It looks like an old table runner.” Western belt buckle. Biggest Fashion Mistake: “I make them all the time.” Health & Fitness: Extreme sports. “I’m goal-oriented. I need a carrot or a motivator—generally a race.” Runs at Fair Park, mountain climbs. Diet:
Facing temptation at every corner (he owns the Green Room, Jeroboam,
etc.), he opts for portion control. Tries to eat four small meals a
day. Beauty: Gets massages at the Tom Landry Center. The Lowdown:
Though he doesn’t partake in a lot of the beautifying treatments that
define the metrosexual, his enthusiasm for Prada and D&G makes up
for that in spades.

John Reoch
Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus, Calvin Klein, Barneys New York, Gray’s
Antique Market in London (vintage cufflinks), Portobello Road in London
(walking sticks). Labels: “It’s not necessarily about a label. It’s more fine fabric or good cut or the color.” Biggest Fashion Mistake: Red leather jeans. Lucky Accessory: “When I have a flower in my lapel. It’s a very simple thing to do, and it makes people smile.” Health & Fitness: Bikes 300-350 miles per week in the spring/summer. Runs five days a week in the State-Thomas neighborhood in the winter. Diet: “I have a voracious appetite, but I watch my food intake during the day.” Beauty: Cuts his own hair. Manicures at Lovers Lane Barber Shop. Massages: “Never. That’s what sex is for.” Favorite Potions: Aramis Lab Series for Men, Sisley Emulsion, Sisley Ecologique, Sonia Rykiel cologne (day), Christian Dior Fahrenheit (night). The Lowdown:
This is a man who says things like, “I always imagined my life against
a backdrop of a Henry James or Edith Wharton novel.” Before we knew it,
we blurted out, “I love you.” We can only hope he doesn’t sue for
sexual harassment.

Wilson Chu
Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus. “My wife does most of the shopping for
me. Before I buy anything, I always clear it with my wife.” Favorite Labels: Belvest, Lorenzini, Borrelli. Biggest Fashion Mistake: “Letting my wife talk me into wearing Burberry pants.” Health & Fitness: Works out at the Spa at the Crescent. Diet: Anything his wife lets him eat and anything he can sneak when she’s not around. The Lowdown:
Uncomfortable talking about manicures/pedicures and where he gets his
hair cut. Not at all uncomfortable talking about his wife.

Horatio Lonsdale-Hands
Telecommunications executive
Shops: “Neiman’s has the best lines of clothes.” Favorite Labels: Lucky jeans, Prada, Hugo Boss. Lucky Accessory: Tiffany frog key chain. Biggest Fashion Mistake: A ponytail. Health & Fitness: Rollerblades, walks, bikes, jogs, snow skis, lifts weights. Diet: No fast food, stays away from fried foods, no dairy unless it’s a nice dessert. Drinks wine and lots of water. Beauty:
“I have a buzz cut. I can give myself a haircut every day.” Mani/pedi
at Mai’ Le’s Nails on Lovers Lane. Facials at Neiman Marcus. Favorite Potions: Darphin skin care products. The Lowdown: His British accent is sublime. He left us a voice mail. We play it every night, right before we go to sleep.