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D Magazine January 2004

Best Lists

Best & Worst

We in the Best & Worst Department endeavored again to compile an award-winning, mostly error-free, year-end review of the events that have shaped the lives of North Texans, from political blunders to sports highlights to the bes

Elements of Style

By now you have seen the word that even Neiman Marcus acknowledges in
its marketing strategy: metrosexual. These men wear beautiful clothes.
They invest in potions and waxing. They are straight. They remind us of
Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, and Cary G

Fantasy Island

St. Bart’s is a sexy tropical paradise where the rich and famous gather among chic eateries, luxury hotels, and some of the best (duty-free) shopping in the world.

Five Great Ideas for Dallas

Some we borrowed, some we stole, and one we came up with by ourselves.
From building an airport in South Dallas to a minor league baseball
team to creating a red-light district (seriously), these are five ideas
that can make Dallas better.

Health: The Meanest Trainer in Dallas

Jimmy Campbell could tell you that you have the eating habits of a 200-pound football player. This might make you cry. But he doesn’t want to be your paid personal pal. Can you handle it?

Last Hurrah: Me and Mr. Jackson

Greasing palms with the new $20 bill turns out to be tougher than expected.

Publisher’s Note

Why I believe Dallas is about to do great things.


A modeling agency on the move, a pizza girl in Playboy, a food fight at Eatzi’s, and more.


Stroll through the hot spots at Southlake Town Center

Sick of the World

Mainstream doctors say it’s all in their heads. But for some who suffer
from multiple chemical sensitivity, their only hope lies in a
porcelain-lined RV outside of Dallas under the care of Dr. William Rea,
who has made the disorder his life’s work. But is


The mercury drops, and the sables come out. PLUS: savory scents you’ll love.

Top Entrepreneurs Under 40

Each has his (or her) own start-up war story. But the trait they share,
aside from their youth, is that they have triumphed during a nasty
recession to do such things as start a new kind of private school,
reinvent the tanning salon, or bring Southwest fl