Food, like clothing, has become a status symbol in Dallas. You can find almost anything you’d care to eat (sushi-grade tuna, epazote, African yams) and a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t (pork rectum). We know, because we’ve b "> The Ultimate Guide to Food - D Magazine

The Ultimate Guide to Food

Food, like clothing, has become a status symbol in Dallas. You can find almost anything you’d care to eat (sushi-grade tuna, epazote, African yams) and a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t (pork rectum). We know, because we’ve b

Additional reporting by Julie Blacklidge, Brittany Edwards, Ryan Mendenhall, Spencer Michlin, and Troy Slonecker

Dallas is a diner’s dream city. We’ve got some of the
country’s better restaurants, and per capita we’ve got more than New
York City. But the home cook, sadly, has had fewer choices. For years,
“ethnic” in Dallas was synonymous with “Hispanic.” A generation ago,
lamb and veal were exotic meats, and pork rectums were virtually

No more. In the new Dallas, markets are as
plentiful and diverse as restaurants. Shopping for groceries has become
a true shopping experience. Food, like clothing, has become a status
symbol. Central Market is to grocery stores what Neiman Marcus is to
department stores—an educational, global, sensual adventure. In today’s
Dallas, you can get almost anything you’d care to eat—and a lot of
stuff you probably wouldn’t. We know, because we looked. Here’s what we


Meat Markets & Butchers

Central Market Plano

The Neiman Marcus of the grocery business specializes in aged,
premium Choice Angus beef. Corn-fed cattle are raised according to
strict specifications; fresh, air-cooled chicken is shipped directly to
the stores; and Central Market carries 60 signature sausages. Attention
time-misers: there’s a great selection of no-prep, vacuum-sealed
marinated beef, pork, or chicken. Butchers gladly cut or trim to your
satisfaction. 320 Coit Rd., Plano. 469-241-8300. Multiple locations.
David’s Meat Market Garland
and Pat Harris run this meat-and-more market that specializes in Iowa
beef. David’s sirloin patties are a regular staple for many customers
on low-carb diets. But the big deal here is the quality and quantity of
house-made sausages: Italian, smoked Polish, hot links, chorizo,
bratwurst, and andouille, to name a few. David also processes game. 4010 N. Jupiter Rd., Garland. 972-495-8315.

Ham I Am Murphy
There is no store, but Ham I Am delivers.
And the products from this small company are worth the wait. Ham,
hogwash (a yummy sauce for ham), and the best peppered bacon you’ve
tasted are smoked in the Ozark mountains. 972-424-0127 or

Hirsch’s Specialty Meats Plano
Special orders don’t upset
the folks behind the counters here. This popular market has provided
great custom cuts of Choice and Prime meats since 1992. Hirsch’s also
carries purebred Hereford cattle beef—it’s leaner than Choice, but the
flavor is consistent with more marbled cuts. The market also
custom-smokes your turkey, ribs, and briskets. Patience
please—everything is cut to order. 1929 W. Parker Rd., Ste. 109, Plano. 972-964-5593.

La Michoacana Meat Market Carrollton
This is the place to find real Spanish-speaking carniceros (butchers).
Besides a vast array of Latin American produce, groceries, chilies, and
spices, the market has the lowest prices in town—meat and veal liver
are only 99 cents a pound. Fajita-style meat and beefsteak rubbed with
lime and seasoned with garlic, salt, and cayenne are real finds, as are
oxtail, bone marrow, sweetbreads, and tripe. 1963 E. Belt Line Rd., Carrollton. 972-416-3632.

Market Street Colleyville
new kid in the high-stakes, high-end grocery business is brought to you
by United Supermarkets, a Texas-based retail grocery chain that traces
its roots back to 1916. The meat counter is a carnivore’s dream. It
offers all grades of beef, including all-natural, dry-aged Prime
Wagyu/Kobe beef, Certified Angus, the Foreman’s Choice, and B3R
all-natural beef raised in Texas. Expert butchers can cut to your exact
specifications, or you can pick up a cut that’s seasoned and ready for
your grill or oven. 5605 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville. 817-577-5020.

Lou, Marsha, and Dickie Grant

Old Town Market Lewisville
Grant and his wife Lou have been selling meat in the old section of
downtown Lewisville for 40 years. No grocery store attitude here.
Dickie wants to be your butcher for life, and chances are, if you’ve
been here once, he’ll greet you by name when you return. Daughter
Marsha is the master butcher, and the market carries just about every
cut of beef (ground daily). Every package leaves the store
double-wrapped, ready for freezing. The family also sells righteous
barbecue to go. 301 S. Mill St., Lewisville. 972-436-6742.

Rudolph’s Meat Market & Sausage Factory Deep Ellum
Andreason family has served custom-sliced veal, pork, and beef in this
cozy market since 1895. Czech-style kielbasa, spicy Polish sausage,
spicy or sweet Italian sausage, and frankfurters in casing are the best
in town. Rudolph’s also smokes turkey, ham, and pork chops; makes four
types of bacon; and carries sweetbreads, beef hearts, oxtails, and pork
brains. 2924 Elm St. 214-741-1874.

Texas Meats Supernatural Downtown
Three local
farms—Rehoboth Ranch in Greenville, Windy Meadows in Campbell, Truth
Hill Farm in Farmersville—operate this stall located in the heart of
the Farmers Market, across from Shed No. 2. It’s not your usual meat
market. The traditional cuts come vacuum-packed and frozen, but the
quality is superb. All the meat—including lamb, beef, pork, and
chicken—is grass-fed, hormone-free, and raised on organic pastures.
Texas Meats is open for business only on Fridays and Saturdays from 9
a.m. to 4 p.m. Dallas Farmers Market, 2017 Taylor St. 214-760-7774.

Ye Ole Butcher Shop Plano
Sparks family has run this bustling shop in downtown Plano since 1986.
Mother Wanda and son Jeff handle the day-to-day operations, and the
shop specializes in Choice beef, smoked brisket, turkey, and ham. Plus,
the family happily processes deer. The Sparks have a little restaurant
on the side and sell buffalo burgers every Tuesday and Thursday and elk
burgers on Wednesday. 926 E. 15th St., Plano. 972-423-1848.

Whole Foods Highland Park
The grocery-industry leader in
retail natural and organic foods offers a wide variety of “humanely
raised” meat with no artificial ingredients or hormones. The meat cases
are crammed with beautiful beef cuts, game, duck, sausage, range-grown
turkey, and natural chicken. Meat cutters are always prepared to answer
questions and discuss cooking techniques like pro chefs. 4100 Lomo Alto, Highland Park. 214-520-7993. Multiple locations.

Fish Markets

Captn Dave’s Seafood Market Plano
The secret recipes of
owner David Conger keep customers coming back for more. Here you’ll
find uncooked seafood staples, such as fresh shrimp, scallops, tuna,
crab, and swordfish, as well as alligator tail and alligator sausage.
Try the smoked salmon—you’ll be hooked. 700 Alma Rd., Ste. 104, Plano. 972-424-3474.

Central Market Dallas
with your mind made up; the selection of more than 100 varieties of
salt- and freshwater fish and shellfish is staggering. Seafood experts
cut steaks and fillets from whole fish, and they’ll steam or marinate
them while you shop. The store also carries house-made crab and fish
cakes and stuffed seafood. 5750 Lovers Ln. 214-234-7000. Multiple

Fresh Water Fish Market Oak Cliff
Choose from a wide
variety of fresh shrimp, tilapia, and crab legs from the display case,
but don’t leave without the house specialty: catfish. Looking for
something exotic to wow your dinner guests? Grab a couple pounds of
alligator and fry it up for an uncommon feast. 825 Vermont Ave. 214-946-3474.

Fiesta Market North Dallas
This full-service Latin grocery
has a large inventory of fresh fish at bargain prices. We picked up
fresh tilapia for only 99 cents a pound. Fiesta also sells whole red
snapper (someone can take the scales off, if you prefer), king fish,
salmon, fresh catfish, and crabs. This is the spot for great calamari. 8060 Spring Valley Rd. 972-783-8255. Multiple locations.

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market Preston Hollow
Caren and Pete
Alexis run a tight ship. They rotate 17 types of fresh fish daily,
including salmon, swordfish, sea bass, trout, sushi-grade tuna,
tilapia, catfish, halibut, crawfish, mussels, oysters, lobster, and
clams. The Mexican brown shrimp is the best in Dallas. And here’s a
secret find: tenderloin stuffed with lobster meat. Order it raw,
cooked, or seasoned. Call after breakfast and TJ’s will prepare your
seafood dinner, complete with salads and sides. The couple caters, too.
11661 Preston Rd. @ Forest Ln. 214-691-2369. 

Whole Foods Richardson
In the beautiful display case,
fresh whole fish and filleted salmon, halibut, and yellowfin tuna rest
next to more exotic octopus, Scottish lox, sturgeon, and mussels. Some
Whole Foods locations feature fish flown in fresh from the chain’s own
seafood facility and processing plant in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 60 Dal-Rich Village, Richardson. 972-699-8075. Multiple locations.

Ethnic Markets


Asian Grocery North Dallas
Come here for
hard-to-find Southeast Asian and Chinese ingredients, such as spices,
sushi wrappers, and palm sugar juice. Canned chili sauces from
Thailand, including sriracha, please adventurous taste buds. Ask for Toon—she’ll even help you with recipes. 9191 Forest Ln. 972-235-3038.

Bihn Minh Market Old East Dallas
Mind your heads. Roast
ducks hang above the meat case in this funky, full-service Asian
grocery across from Jimmy’s (see Italian). The market has a great
exotic produce section—wing beans, lemon grass, eggplant—and quail eggs
are always available. The Vietnamese bread is the best in town. 4823 Bryan St. 214-826-2921.

Hong Kong Market Place Arlington
Go if only for the show
on Saturdays, when hundreds of Asians line up around the fish tanks
full of eel, lobster, blue crabs, and other exotic fish. If you can’t
find it here, chances are you won’t find it in Dallas. Fabulous fresh
produce—African yams, chilies, fresh tofu—line the aisles, and the
bakery carries more than 60 items. The market also has a nice selection
of rice cookers and other cooking equipment at below-market prices. 1816 E. Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington. 817-265-1488; 9780 Walnut St., Garland. 972-437-9888.

Koko’s Asian Market Fort Worth
aisles of this market are an adventure through Vietnamese, Korean,
Chinese, and Japanese delights. Besides having the thinnest dumpling
skins anywhere, the store carries just about any spice from the
aforementioned countries. 8001 Banger Dr., Fort Worth. 817-244-7571.

Taiwan Supermarket Richardson
When the produce at your
local chain supermarket lets you down, head here for a great selection
of greens, veggies, and exotic fruit, such as melons and ripe mangoes.
We picked up a bag of snow peas, washed them, and ate them like candy. 221 W. Polk St., Ste. 104, Richardson. 972-783-2287.

V.T. Market Oak Lawn
Those in the southwest quadrant of
the city no longer need to venture to Arlington or Garland for Asian
specialties. V.T. has plopped down on Maple Avenue in a mass of Mexican
markets and successfully combined Vietnamese sea bass, Indian mackerel,
and Philippine mullet with fajita meat, chorizo, and bisteco suave under one roof. Pick up funky Asian pointy hats along with sun-dried spices, oils, and sauces from the Far East. 4305 Maple Ave. 214-443-9670.

Viet Tofu Garland
This popular takeout spot is also open
in Arlington and Fort Worth, making it easy to find dim sum, house-made
spring rolls, fish cakes, and sweets. 3555 W. Walnut St. @ Jupiter
Rd. Ste. 203, Garland. 972-272-3685; 809 E. Arkansas Ln., Arlington.
817-277-2078; 4045 E. Belknap St., Fort Worth. 817-831-7229.

Vietnam Plaza Market Carrollton
Once you’re inside this
authentic market, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the
Pacific. Be thankful that Ozzy Osbourne never found this place—the meat
case is full of pork ears, hearts, uteri, rectum, and spleen. Huge
green papayas, fresh lemon grass, chayote, long beans, and fresh
tamarind are abundant in the produce section. 1103 S. Josey Ln., Carrollton. 972-416-8931.


British Emporium Grapevine
from the largest selection of teas—herb, flavored, green, black—in the
area. Shop the frozen meat section for meat pies, sausages, and Irish
bacon, or satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious traditional English
desserts and chocolate fudge made with the richest cream in the world. 140
N. Main St., Grapevine. 817-421-2311

World Service UK Lower Greenville
Good British food may be
an oxymoron, but delicacies such as clotted cream, bangers, scones, and
kippers are treats at this mod shop. Pick up a couple of old Monty
Python or Ab Fab videos and digestives, and tallyho. 1923 Greenville Ave. 214-827-8886.

Eastern European

Fresh N Tender Richardson
The first thing you notice is
the combination of smells—together they provide olfactory evidence that
this tiny store is worthy of its second name, Internacional, emblazoned
on its window. Purveyors of Halal meats, the Muslim equivalent of
kosher, this place is a, well, Mecca, for those who wish to keep this
tradition with its attendant health benefits. The store is one of the
largest local sources for goat meat. You can also find Ghana yams,
African smoked fish, and inexpensive goat testicles. 796 S. Floyd Rd., Richardson. 972-644-7224.

Import Food Market Arlington
Plan to spend an afternoon
browsing the treasures here. Trinkets and treats from India, Russia,
Pakistan, and points in between include dried apricots, Bulgarian
cheese, hookahs, and figs. The market also boasts a large selection of
Middle Eastern spices and music. 801 W. Park Row, Arlington. 817-261-4993.

International Food Land Arlington
Russian food—pickled
herring, mackerel, bread, and cheese—is the highlight here. We also
spied plenty of gourmet items from Poland, Greece, and Turkey. Browse
the small but impressive produce selection and the Middle Eastern
bakery and takeout counter filled with hummus, olives, dolmas, and
flatbreads. 1729 S. Cooper St., Arlington. 817-277-1611.

Taste of Europe Arlington
This market, deli, and
restaurant serves traditional Russian treats such as eggplant salad,
shish kebabs, chicken salad, and pierogi. The deli houses fresh
sausages, salami, ground beef, and organic pork and chicken, which is
smoked daily. Shop the market for canned sardines, jams, candy, teas,
and breads. Cherry cream cheese strudel is a great way to end your
Russian feast. 1901 Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington. 817-275-5530.


Henk’s European Deli and Black Forest Bakery North Dallas
the ’60s this popular bakery has sold traditional German rye, Prussian
rye, and flaxseed bread. The spot is now run by the Winnubst family,
who added a few Dutch treats, such as napoleons filled with raspberry
cream, hazelnut buttercream cake, and mocha buttercream cake. 5811 Blackwell St. 214-987-9090.

Kuby’s Sausage House University Park
This one-of-a-kind,
family-run store has been open in Snider Plaza for more than 42 years
for good reason—the house-made sausage is legendary. The grocery aisles
have a small but sophisticated sampling of international staples,
including Dean Fearing’s tortilla soup. 6601 Snider Plaza. 214-363-2231.


Civello’s Raviolismo Old East Dallas
If Chena doesn’t have
it, she’ll make it. Slip in for a freshly made pan of ravioli or
lasagna, pop it in the oven, and call it your own (she won’t tell). A
mean pumpkin ravioli in either striped chile or pumpkin pasta is a
great quick dinner. 1318 N. Peak St. 214-827-2989.

Jimmy’s Food Store Old East Dallas
who is anybody loves Jimmy’s. This quintessential neighborhood grocery
is the best source in town for all things Italian. The old-fashioned
deli counter is full of cheese, oxtail, rabbit, goat, proscuitto, and
handmade hot breakfast sausage.  Homemade meatballs are a must for
every freezer. 4901 Bryan St. 214-823-6180.


Albaraka Halal Meat Richardson
Here, you’ll find an
abundance of Indian spice pastes—vindaloo, tandoori, tikka, garam
masala, and curry, to name a few. Kashmir also carries cheese, yogurt,
dry spices, olives, breads, and, of course, meats. 200 W. Polk St., Richardson. 972-680-1016.

India Grocery Richardson
If you like spicy, try shopping
at this Indian grocery store. One hundred percent wheat flower from
India makes great tortillas and Indian bread. Indian crackers, spicy
chips, punjbi mix (it’s hot!), and hard-to-find Indian-style cookies
make great snacks. India Grocery also has a nice selection of lentils
and rice, including extra-long grain, basmati, and desmine. 15 Richardson Heights North, Richardson. 972-234-8051.

Mela Irving
This neighborhood (read: friendly) shop is
big on hard-to-find Indian treats like our favorite, Thumbs Up, the
Indian equivalent of Coke. Mela stocks an assortment of Indian hair
products (henna anyone?) alongside frozen dosa, paneer, and tikka
masala dinners. The produce bin is stocked with beatle leaves, guar
beans, and long eggplant. 5427 MacArthur Blvd., Irving. 972-518-1777.

Tajmahal Imports Richardson
The smell of curry greets you
in the parking lot. Inside you’ll find a wonderland for Indian foodies
and collectors of India cultural and religious trinkets. Aisles are
loaded with spices, fresh produce, exotic ice cream, and fresh and
frozen Indian specialties. 26-C Richardson Heights Village, Richardson.


Canyon Specialty Foods Downtown
One of the best-kept
secrets in food shopping, this small company makes tamales, salsas, and
barbecue sauces and sells them at the Farmers Market on weekends. You
can also order them by phone. Dallas Farmers Market, 1010 S. Pearl St.


Kazy’s Food Market Lake Highlands
Amateur sushi chefs find
everything from shrimp, tuna, yellowtail, snow crab, monkfish,
scallops, octopus, red snapper, eel, salmon, and mackerel to make their
favorite rolls. Selections depend on what is fresh and in season. Don’t
forget the wasabi and ginger. 9256 Markville Dr. 972-235-4831.

Nanami Japanese Gourmet Market Far North Dallas
It’s miso
madness. Nanami carries more varieties than we’ve ever seen, and the
rice offerings aren’t far behind. The store is small, but the choices
are many, making this a one-stop shop for all things Japanese. Produce
is limited. 17721 Dallas Pkwy. 972-818-1488.

The following markets are certified kosher by
the Vaad Hakashrus, the kosher authority in Dallas. For more
information on kosher establishments, check out

Albertson’s Pareve Bakery, Deli, and Fresh Meat Market Richardson
store in the chain sells takeout rotisserie chicken and meats and other
deli products. All baked goods prepared are pareve and pas yisrael,
including beautiful wedding cakes. 1341 W. Campbell Rd. 972-437-2896.

Minyard’s Preston Forest
This corner is kosher (the Tom
Thumb across the street is, too). All breads and rolls at Minyard’s are
pareve, and all cakes, pastries, and other baked goods are either
pareve or dairy, as marked. Party trays, deli sandwiches, and salads
are provided in sealed containers indicating Dallas Kosher supervision.
Fresh Glatt kosher meat and chicken is available daily. 714 Preston Forest Shopping Center. 214-691-4529.

Tom Thumb Preston Forest
Fresh Glatt kosher meat and fish
department, full-service deli, and bakery are all under Dallas Kosher
supervision, as are takeout hot prepared foods, rotisserie chicken, and
meats. Come here for fresh fish for holidays. 11920 Preston Rd. @ Forest Ln. 972-392-2501.


Carnival Knox-Henderson
Mexican cooks come here store for
bulk spices and herbs at prices below wholesale. Between the fresh
cactus, guavas, quince, and tomatoes, we’ve always found some of the
best (and cheapest) avocados around. 1800 N. Henderson Ave. 214-826-8470.

Dallas Tortilla Lower Greenville
Having a party? This
one-stop shop has fresh-made corn and flour tortillas, handmade tamales
(beef, chicken, or pork), fresh taco shells, tostadas, and chips. 1418 Greenville Ave. 214-821-8854.

Fiesta Mart Oak Cliff
appropriately named Latin American market where every trip is a party.
Be careful, because it’s easy to get lost in the vast selections of
produce, spices (yep, the store has epazote), fruits, vegetables, and
dried chilies. Fiesta also has the largest selection of Mexican
cheeses—queso ane, queso cotija, queso fresco, and panela—that we’ve
seen in Dallas. Hay muchas for your sweet tooth. 611 W. Jefferson Blvd. 214- 944-3300. Multiple locations.

Middle Eastern

Andre Imported Foods Richardson
Don’t blink or you’ll miss
this teeny spot favored by local Armenians who come here for
traditional holiday smoked fish. Yogurt cheese balls and imported feta
are great finds, as is the wide variety of fresh nuts and dates. If
you’re looking for an obscure herb, you’ll likely find it. If not,
relieve your stress with a little Persian rose water-flavored ice
cream. 1478 W. Spring Valley Rd., Richardson. 972-644-7644.

Euro Deli Richardson
Foods from Russia, Europe, and the
Middle East, including crispy flat Russian bread (lepeshka) baked on
the premises daily are highlights at this 7-year-old market. Look for
delicious Russian pastries or kid-friendly bird’s milk, a
chocolate-coated mashmallowy confection. The deli case boasts 60 kinds
of smoked sausages; the smoked fish selection includes sturgeon, trout,
eel, and red and black caviar; and dairy products include yogurt cheese
and kefir, a fruit yogurt drink. 2360 Promenade Center (670 N. Coit Rd. @ Arapaho Rd.). 972-234-8052.

Izmir Market & Deli Lower Greenville
This is the
favorite takeout spot for the M Street crowd who frequents big sister
Cafe Izmir a few doors down. The market has just about everything you
could want, from that famous hummus, tabbouleh, and Russian chicken
salad to delightful baklava. Need a lift? Sip a cup of Turkish coffee
and nosh on a Greek butter cookie. 3607 Greenville Ave. 214-824-8484.

Shine Mediterranean Market Far North Dallas
market/deli specializes in Mediterranean and Argentinean foods: gyros,
shawarma (made to take or eat there), tabbouleh, hummus, vegetarian and
meat dolmas, lahmagum, spices, and chicken or beef shish kababs. Owners
Diana and Sahim Maraslioglu will woo you with an authentic empanada
made with ground beef, olives, and onions. 14902 Preston Rd., Ste. 1300. 972-763-1842.

World Food Warehouse North Dallas
Without a doubt, this is
the best place for freshly baked pita and Indian-style naan bread, as
well as cookies from Eastern Europe. Pita (whole wheat or white) is
available in two sizes, and World Food also carries olives and feta
cheeses, as well as a small selection of produce and imported canned
goods. 13434 Floyd Cir. 972-480-9911.

Worldwide Foods Lower Greenville
This is the mother ship
of Middle Eastern fare. You want olives? They’ve got millions. And
hummus, baba ghanoush, dolmas (for cheap!), imported cheeses (several
types of fresh feta), and traditional pastries. Sesame candies, spices
(cardamom seeds, anise, cloves, cumin) share shelf space with packages
of chickpeas, couscous, and lentils. 1907 Greenville Ave. 214-824-8860.


Cafe Madrid Market Knox-Henderson
Dallas’ original tapas
bar has a small market with foods from Spain, such as Seville oranges
and Fruit of the Forest preserves, Spanish paprika, wood-fire-roasted
piquillo pimientos, anchovy-stuffed olives, and a selection of Spanish
cheeses (available by the pound from the kitchen). 4501 Travis St. 214-528-1731.

These are the top spots in Dallas for handmade, imported, or otherwise fine cheeses.

Central Market multiple locations
Carries: 678 types
Top Seller: Parmigiano-Reggiano
Unique Cheese: Pure Luck goat cheese from Dripping Springs, Texas
Lbs. Sold Annually:  350,000-400,000 (per store)

Eatzi’s Market Oak Lawn
Carries: 100 types
Top Seller: Canadian cheddar, aged four years
Unique Cheese: Ossau Iraty
Lbs. Sold Annually: 36,000

Jimmy’s Food Store Old East Dallas
Carries: 43 types (all Italian)
Top Seller: Parmigiano-Reggiano
Unique Cheese: Auricchio provolone, aged 12 months
Lbs. Sold Annually: 12,000

Market Street Grapevine
Carries: 220 types
Top Seller: Mozzarella balls
Unique Cheese: Belletoile, a triple-crème product from France; Morbier, a French cheese made of cow’s milk and ash
Lbs. Sold Annually: no estimate (just opened September 4, 2003)

Mozzarella Company Deep Ellum
Carries: 25-30 types (all handmade)
Top Seller: Fresh mozzarella
Unique Cheese: Deep Ellum Blue
Lbs. Sold Annually: 200,000-250,000

Sigel’s Fresh Market Addison
Carries: 150 types
Top Sellers: Parrano, a Dutch cheese; and Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar, aged five years
Unique Cheese: Parmigiano-Reggiano, aged in house
Lbs. Sold Annually: 30,000

Whole Foods multiple locations
Carries: 300-plus types
Top Seller: Parmigiano-Reggiano
Unique Cheese: La Boule du Perigord, a black-truffled goat cheese from France
Lbs. Sold Annually: 600,000 (per store)


Bakery by George Garland
Help solve the world’s problems
with croissants and coffee at this local hangout. Although the bakery
specializes in personalized birthday and wedding cakes, it’s well-known
for “Cheers on Broadway,” the Garland version of the famous TV show.
Locals arrive early each morning, help themselves to coffee, and gather
around the community table, chatting about world affairs, politics, and
family. 4133 Broadway Blvd., Garland. 972-240-2461.

Bread Winner’s Chocolate Seduction Cake

Bread Winner’s Bakery & Cafe Uptown
menu is almost as long as the line to order. If you’re looking for a
dessert to take home or a quick chocolate fix, try one of the sinful
brownies or the best-selling chocolate seduction cake. With a new
second location on Lovers Lane, you’d think the lines would lessen. Not
true—the goodie groupies are relentless. 3301 McKinney Ave. 214-754-4940; 5560 W. Lovers Ln. 214-351-3339.

Casa Linda Bakery East Dallas
East Dallas has enjoyed Casa
Linda since the early ’40s. Although you’ll find 12 varieties of
made-from-scratch bread, cookies, pies, and cakes comprise almost 70
percent of the bakery’s business. Owner David Sutton spends most
weekends delivering to weddings. 10819 Garland Rd. 214-321-0355.

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery North Dallas
For those of you
who scoff at Atkins, Celebrity is the place to hang. The best-selling
white chocolate toffee cake and the caramel turtle fudge cake are just
two of the many sugar-filled specialties made daily. Along with a
sinful red velvet cake, Celebrity is famous for its iced sugar cookies,
and one girl we know swoons over the thumbprint cookies. 10720 Preston Rd., Ste. 1016. 214-373-0783. Multiple locations.

Corner Bakery Downtown
For a big chain, this bakery does a
great job turning out traditional baguettes, country sourdough,
ciabatta (try the olive!), brioche, and steakhouse rye. A division of
Brinker International, the bakery started as the baker for big sister
restaurant Maggiano’s and eventually took off on its own. Coffee cake
tastes just like the one Grandma used to make, and banana bundt cake
leaves you speechless. 1623 Main St., Ste. 101. 214-977-9214. Multiple locations.

Eatzi’s Market & Bakery Oak Lawn
For most of us, the
seductive smell of holiday baking comes only once a year, but you can
enjoy that aroma every day at Eatzi’s. The large selection of European
breads sweeps your senses to the Tuscan hillside or the cobblestone
streets of Paris. Eatzi’s also offers an abundance of cakes, pastries,
tarts, cookies, and brownies. 3403 Oak Lawn Ave. 214-526-1515.

Empire Baking Company Preston Hollow
Dallas’ first artisan bread baker is now in its 11th year of filling our basket with the finest produc

Photos: Grants, Cake: Doug Davis