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D Magazine February 2004


Absolutely Ascot

The ascot is back! We’ve spotted the chic cravat everywhere lately—Crystal Charity Ball, our hairdresser’s fabulous soiress, and Highland Park Presbyterian Sunday School. Don’t know where to buy? We tell you. Never met a Dallasite who wears them? We inter
By Laura Kostelny

Business: Help Wanted at Exxon

Time to update those résumés—the best-paying job in Dallas is available. Qualified candidates should submit cover letter and résumé to the ExxonMobil board of directors. Be sure to indicate you are applying for Most Powerful Business Executive in the Worl
By Joseph Guinto

How to Buy Art

Your walls are bare. You know you’d like some art, but dealers
intimidate you, and you’re not sure what kind of art you like. Dallas
is a fantastic town for looking at, learning about, and buying artwork
at every price point. This is our primer for the ca
By D Magazine

Inwood Village Shopping Center

From Byzantine to Haute Baby to Gap, Inwood Village Shopping Center has something you’ll love.
By Stephanie Quadri

It’s Raining Men

They are intellectuals, athletes, artists, and CEOs. They range in age
from 21 to 53. They are Dallas’ most eligible bachelors. A few we
already knew we loved, and other were learned about from you, our
readers. And they are all hot catches. Ladies, on yo
By D Magazine

Last Hurrah: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

I had my makeup done at Neiman Marcus and must admit, I looked dashing.
By Tim Rogers

Publisher’s Note

Who’s responsible for Dallas’ startling crime rate—and who’s going to stop it?


The mother of Erykah Badu interviews, Andrew Litton leaves the DSO, Laura Miller’s new house, and more
By D Magazine

Snow Bright

Color is the name of the game for spring ski fasion. PLUS: ski accessories for the slope and beyond.
By Stephanie Quadri

The New Puritanism

No smoking? No dancing? No topless bars? No fun.
By Joe Bob Briggs
Best Lists

The Ultimate Guide to Food

Food, like clothing, has become a status
symbol in Dallas. You can find almost anything you’d care to eat
(sushi-grade tuna, epazote, African yams) and a lot of stuff you
probably wouldn’t (pork rectum). We know, because we’ve b
By D Magazine

The Ultimate Ski Challenge

If steeper and deeper is your type of skiing, head to British Columbia for an adrenaline-inducing heli-skiing adventure.
By Steve Casimiro