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D Magazine December 2004


A Few Questions from Tracy Rowlett

Rowlett talkes to Dallas City Councilman John Loza about how he is breaking boundries.

Action Jackson

One flatlander finds the thrill of downhill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Best Lists

Chefs’ Choice Awards

We are never short on opinions about the local food scene. But once a year we like to give the chefs the chance to speak their mind. We present the chefs’ picks for the best in Dallas dining.

Dress to Impress

This holiday season, put away that little black dress and go for an artfully draped gown. PLUS: Fabulous fur wraps.

His & Hers

Need a great gift for the man or woman in your life? Lucky for you, we did all the work. PLUS: Shop Talk.


Like Farrah Fawcett in Dr. T & the Women, I jumped into the fountain at NorthPark. But she had permission.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Goals for Dallas

Six proposals to make our city work again.


Michelle Peluso falls for a gnome, Scott Murray cries out for help, and Brady Wood finds Nirvana–at long last.

RISK: The Biggest Game Ever

Millionaire math nut Andy Beal has $ 40 million that says he can beat the best poker players in the world. So why don’t they come to Dallas and play him?
Cover Story

Romano’s Revenge

When Phil Romano opened Il Mulino, he hoped that the exclusive restaurant would catapult him a new level of respect. Instead, as his sales declined, he choked on a four-star review by Dallas’ most powerful food critic. Embarrassed and furious, he filed suit against the Dallas Morning News. Will the man who started the city’s nastiest food fight end up with egg all over his face?
tim miller basketball coach

Don’t Hate the Playa

Basketball coach Tim Miller does whatever it takes to win national championships. He’s even been accused of stealing fourth-graders.
Best Lists

The Best Financial Planners in Dallas

Our exclusive survey reveals the best 87 financial planners in Dallas. PLUS: it doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you earn: you need a financial planner. Three stories will inspire you to save.

Best Lists

The Best Gospel Choirs and Groups in Dallas

Gospel is more than music; it’s an experience. These singers aren’t
rock stars, but they can move their audiences with just as much
emotion. Dallas is a hotbed for outstanding groups and choirs. These
are the top in town.