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D Magazine October 2002


CULTURE: Does Your Maid Hate You?

Should a maid hate her employers because they live in an enormous house, because they regularly buy too much food and then throw it away, and because they offer her their old clothes when they’re no longer in fashion? Or should a maid hate her employers b

Dancing Queen

You’ve seen her moves during timeouts at Dallas Mavericks games—at one time as a dancer and now as the director of the Dallas Mavs dancers. But Shella Sattler is shaking up more than just basketball games. Power House of Dance, her studio in North Dallas,

FIRST PERSON: The First Train to Dallas

Who are the people that take DART at 5:17 a.m., and why won’t they eat free donuts?

Home of the Year

Architect Max Levy’s “House by a Pond,” D Magazine’s Home of the Year, is a modernist home that radiates warmth and exudes elegance. It might sound contradictory for a house to shine in the rain (more on that water thing inside), but this house in Bluffvi

I’m Not Dead Yet

Life is precious. And no one knows that better than Lisa Lee, Kevin Riney, Amanda Lacey, and Jennifer Kennedy, four Dallas people with extraordinary tales of survival. From car wrecks, to emergency C-sections, to life-threatening organ transplants, these

MIND & BODY: Worried Sick

Until recently, CT scans were daunting, purely diagnostic procedures. But advancements in technology have led to faster machines that yield better results. Now full-body CT scans promise preemptive strikes at coronary artery disease and carcinomas—for any

Pulse Of The City

Stealing money from children, what happens when Laura Miller and her
hubby try to be funny, The List, a 12-year-old with a better job than
ours, Hotel ZaZa takes on Tom Tom and others, refreshing holy water,
and more.
Best Lists

The Best Doctors in Dallas

We all have an image in our minds of what makes the perfect doctor, whether it be Marcus Welby’s white coat or John Carter’s caring eyes. But, unfortunately, we’re not going to get a house call from Dr. Welby or a nice dinner wi

The Real ER

On television, doctors shout orders as gurneys fly through doors, and everything wraps up nicely in an hour. But follow a doctor on his 12-hour shift at Parkland Memorial, and you’ll get a different picture. Only patients shout. And the end is never tidy.

TRENDS: Vanity Medicine

At a time when most doctors are experiencing an increase in overhead, insurance premiums, and paperwork at the expense of profits, many are turning to cosmetic procedures—Botox injections, laser hair removal, and zapping unsightly spider veins—to boost th