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Readers talk about David Tice, shoe shops, and the conservative vs. liberal debate.
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Tice Talks Back

Readers who didn’t make it past your headline depicting me as “The Most Hated Man on Wall Street” [Pulse] wouldn’t have known that I am a good friend of Main Street as well. You are right that Wall Street doesn’t like it when we criticize them for “pumping up” stocks, but investors who listened to us are grateful for our independent views.

I must also take issue with the statement that our work on Tyco “cost stockholders millions.” That’s like saying the engineer who discovered a bridge’s structural flaws caused it to collapse. We warned our clients that Tyco’s “roll up” acquisition game was not as profitable as the company and Wall Street analysts led investors to believe. Wall Street ultimately agreed when it refused to pour more capital into the Tyco acquisition machine. It was this lack of funding that dealt the fiercest blow to Tyco’s stock price. Additionally, you mentioned that our fund was up 30 percent for last year. Actually, at the time of our interview, the Prudent Bear fund was up 66 percent year to date, and even at our low point in August, the fund was up 46 percent for the year.

David W. Tice
David W. Tice & Associates Inc.

Political Parties

To argue that Texas has tackled a thorny issue like bilingual education better than California is one thing [Publisher’s Note: “Language Barrier”], but for Wick Allison to smugly suggest that it proves his theory—that liberals are “better to party with, but a country is better off governed by conservatives”—is quite another.

Bashing liberals may be fun, but it conveniently ignores their immense contribution to our society. Conservatives have been on the wrong side of many historic political debates, including slavery, civil rights, Jim Crow laws, female suffrage, child labor laws, school integration, and a number of other issues that most conservatives would prefer to forget.

The countless Americans whose very freedom exists because liberals prevailed in these battles know the real truth: conservatives are better off in a country governed by conservatives.

Jonathan E. Smaby

Shop Talk

In your article  [Dallas Shops: “Well Heeled”], you left a terrific shop off your list: Gregory’s in the Dallas Galleria. The owners travel to the world’s premier shoe vendors and markets to create a cutting-edge collection. The brands are a who’s who in forward footwear, including Dolce & Gabbana, Emanuel Ungaro, Jimmy Choo, Dries Van Noten, and Rodolphe Menudier.

Jane R. Robertson
Director of Marketing
Dallas Galleria

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Upper Crust Cafe, featured in August’s “Best of Big D” for serving the best bread pudding, has closed due to a fire. However, owners Bill and Margie Orgain have found a new home at the Cajun Catfish in Rockwall, where their 10 varieties of bread pudding are alive and well. You can find them at 568 E I-30, Rockwall. Or call 972-771-9898.

In our October cover story, “The Best Doctors in Dallas,” Dr. James Alan Davidson should have been listed under general surgery. We regret the error.

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