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D Magazine November 2002


Angler’s Eden

At the foot of the Andes, the Dallas heir to Frito-Lay has transformed a 100-year-old estancia into a fly-fishing paradise


This month’s contributing photographers and illustrators.


Dallas Look

We found the hottest item for fall’s cool temperatures: a sweater coat. Plus, tickle your nose with these fabulous fragrances.

Deep Ellum’s Growing Pains

The crowds on Main and Elm streets are bigger than ever. But that’s the problem.

Dining: The Death of Voltaire

How Dallas’ most expensive restaurant went from ne plus ultra to status quo in 21 days.


Readers talk about David Tice, shoe shops, and the conservative vs. liberal debate.

First Person: How to Lose to a Lady

I went to IHOP for a little backgammon action. Nancy gave it to me.


My Big Fat Gay Wedding

Will the buttoned-down Morning News go with the changing Times?

Publisher’s Note: How to Save the GOP

To protect my party, I intend to vote against it—in two races.

Television: The Art of Infidelity

Local producer Bobby Goldstein says his hit show Cheaters, which features people trying to catch their significant others in the act of infidelity, is everything George Orwell imagined in 1984 — everybody able to see anything at any time. T
Best Lists

The Best BYOB in Dallas

Tired of dropping $8 on a glass of wine?
Or maybe you just want to enjoy a Pinot Noir from your own collection
while someone else does the cooking. We picked our favorite places to
bring your own, and if you don’t know what to b
40 Greatest Stories

The Chicken-Fried Philosopher Goes to Vietnam

The founder of Black-Eyed Pea, GoodEats, and a half-dozen other restaurants travels halfway around the world to find his next big idea for Dallas.

The Rise and Fall of Scott Armey

Dick’s son was supposed to be a Congressional shoo-in. Instead voters gave him the boot. He’s still trying to figure out why.

Woman on Top

The new baggage screening rules in airports have really forced Alaina
Kalanj to clean up her act. The 22-year-old Canadian-born actress lives
in Dallas, but she keeps landing roles that require flying to