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Central Market shops restaurants for chefs, a Dallas actress with street smarts, a car you (probably) can’t afford, the TV show you’ve never seen, Q&A with a bachelorette, Place Vendome defeats Paris Vendome, who was separated at birth, and more.

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Lorri Bagley isn’t afraid to fight.

“I love acting, but it’s a tough world,” says Dallas native Lorri Bagley, whose credits include Woody Allen’s Celebrity, Tommy Boy, and 54, as well as NBC’s now-defunct Veronica’s Closet. But dealing with casting calls isn’t the only difficulty the 28-year-old has encountered. Bagley grew up in Oak Cliff and had to cope with a learning disability in elementary school. “I was dyslexic and I was put in with a lot of tough kids,” Bagley says in her high-pitched voice. “I constantly got picked on, so I had to join a gang to protect myself. I had to kick some ass.” Bagley now lives in Harlem and is putting her school of hard-knocks knowledge to the test as she auditions for this summer’s network pilots.

Three-Alarm Fire to Happen May 5
Perhaps you’ve never seen the television program The Bravest. Not many people have. Locally, the reality show that rides along with firefighters (think COPS) airs Mondays at 2 a.m. on KTXA Channel 21 and again on Saturdays at 2:30 a.m. on KTVT Channel 11. Not exactly prime time. But last summer, the show tagged along with Dallas Fire-Rescue for five days. Not much happened.

“We couldn’t buy a fire when they were here,” says Lt. Doug Dickerson. “Then, soon as we put them on the plane, business picked up again.” Nonetheless, the show’s producers squeezed out four Dallas segments, including one mattress fire.

The last original Dallas episode—which actually features Engine No. 37 responding to a three-alarmer—is scheduled to air April 29 and May 5. Then it’s on to repeats for the remainder of the summer. Check your listings. And the batteries in your smoke detectors.

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Rhonda Rittenhouse is a bachelorette on the ABC reality program The Bachelor—at least she was as of press time. The show features 31-year-old Alex Michel (whose parents live in Dallas) whittling down a field of 25 women over six weeks, in a search for “true love.” Rittenhouse made it to the round of eight. She was born in Woodward, Ok., but has lived in Dallas for the past six years. She was a commercial real estate agent for Henry S. Miller but recently left her position to pursue a career selling blood-plasma products. She lists among her hobbies sewing, working out, and animals. She is 5-foot-3 and weighs 102 pounds.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m.

D: Hey, what’s going on?

Rhonda Rittenhouse: Not much.


In the April issue of Maxim, the editors of the men’s lifestyle magazine gave the blue ribbon to Dallas as the Greatest City on Earth. But they also named New York the best city. And Philadelphia. And Denver. Even Detroit. In all, 13 different versions of the April Fools issue dotted newsstands across the country, each hyping a different burg as the absolute best—and dissing the other dozen contenders.

Here in the South, Dallas wins because “What other sports mecca mints platinum blondes and serves up God’s own BBQ?” But elsewhere, Maxim readers discover the typical Dallas girl is “a self-centered monster” and the typical fella is “a glad-handing, semi-retarded s—heel in a three-piece suit and pointy-toed cowboy boots who can turn ‘damn’ into a nine-syllable word.”

Well. They’re half-right.

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The Murciélago comes to Dallas for $273,000.

For five years, Dallas has suffered without a Lamborghini dealership. No more. Lamborghini is moving its Springfield, Mo., dealership to Dallas to take better advantage of one of its most lucrative markets, the Lone Star State. The automaker’s only Texas dealership opens in early June. As of press time, the location was still top secret. But if you don’t already know where it is, you probably can’t afford one.

Photos: Rittenhouse: Courtesy of ABC; Murcielago: Courtesy of Lamborghini


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