Dallas Hair

In another city magazine, a cover story devoted to hair may be frivolous. But we know that little is more important to Dallasites—females, especially—than what grows on top of their heads. We talked to hairdressers, colorists

Admittedly, big hair does seem to be shrinking. But we won’t give Thompson the satisfaction of attributing the trend to him. “Our lives have changed and so has our hair,” says Perry Henderson, who’s been tending Dallas tresses since 1981.

“Our lives aren’t so full of formal,” Henderson says. “People are entertaining more at home and they’re less fussied up. They’re just as well-groomed, but it’s more about cut and color than control. Color is what we do—dark and light. It’s not all blonds anymore. We’re weaving color, naturalizing, and using lots of different colors, not just highlighting.”

Okay, it may not sound like a revolution. But as Henderson implies, a change of style indicates a change of life, a shift in attitude.

The new salon empowers clients, works with them, not on them. Hairstyles used to look like you could lift them off their owners’ heads. But now the buzzword in fashion is “personal style,” and that’s what good hairdressers try to encourage. Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, no hair, blond hair, black hair, red hair, blue hair—they’re all in fashion as long they’re in good condition. The one thing all stylish heads of hair have in common is health. The fitness craze in hair has given rise to a huge retail business in hair-care products. Sally’s, the largest chain of beauty-supply stores in the world (based, of course, near Dallas), sells hot-oil treatments, customized shampoos, dandruff controls, hair moisturizers, reconstructors, straightening balms, clarifiers, and revitalizers, products that repair split ends, control frizz, enhance curls, add volume, and provide shine. But the first thing Sally recommends its customers do for their hair is find a good stylist. And a good stylist these days is one who not only can cut, color, and style your hair, but one who can also help you learn how to care for your hair.

“We instruct our clients as well as fix their hair,” Henderson says. “I tell the stylists who work for me to be professional. Like a doctor or a lawyer, stylists have to prove their value with knowledge.”

Only in Dallas could hairdressers be compared to doctors and lawyers. Then again, we told you we took hair seriously.



Best Salons in Dallas
We polled the hair industry, clients, women’s groups, and salons to find the top shops for every type of tress.

Best Celebrity Spotting

Perry Henderson
3878 Oak lawn ave., Ste. 100a. 214-522-2870
This is the place to find Dallas society’s heavy hitters sitting on and standing behind the chairs. There are three international “platform artists,” a master colorist, and a blend of talented and trophied stylists. Perry’s charm sets the tone for this safe-haven salon for the boldface names in the news to curl up and dye.
Price range for haircut: $50-$100
Price range for color: $50 and up/one step;$75 and up/highlights
Specialties: three-color highlights, makeup for TV and photo shoots
Celebrities served: Naomi Judd, Star Jones, Laura Bush, Liz Smith, Jane Seymour, Jason Alexander, Margot Perot, Angie Harmon, Gene Jones, Liz Minyard, Monica Greene, Nancy Hamon, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders
Best master stylist: Perry Henderson
Best classic stylist: Kurt Anderson
Best trend-setting stylist: Darren Davis
Best blow-dry stylist: Christian Iles
Best special-event updo stylist: Christian Iles
Best hair colorist: Louis Prez

Best Color Guard

Richard Hayler
6174 sherry ln. 214-363-1131
“I would put my mother in any one of our colorist’s chairs,” reported a staffer at Richard Hayler’s salon. “And she’s fussy.” They estimate 75 to 80 percent of their clients are blonds (see p. 77). The valet parking isn’t a sign of snobbery; Hayler’s salon is friendly and unpretentious.
Price range for haircut: $5-$65
Price range for color: $40-$75/one step;$85-$150/highlights
Specialties: color
Best master stylist: Samantha Frank
Best classic stylist: Dawn Martin
Best blow-dry stylist: Kimberly Keith
Best special-event updo stylist: Veronica Moreno

Best Panache

José Eber
8201 preston rd., ste. 100. 214-696-4074
José Eber is a hit in Dallas—a second salon recently debuted at The Shops at Willow Bend, making ours the only city outside of Beverly Hills with two locations. Of course, brushing with fame (José comes to town every six weeks) comes with a price: a consultation fee runs $185 and a cut is $300. (See p. 82.)
Price range for haircut: $85 (check with salon for José’s dates)
Price range for color: $85-$160
Specialties: Every client is booked according to hair type.
Celebrities served: Mike Modano,
Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Grey, Betty Buckley, Darryl Sydor
Best master stylist: Rainer Schneck
Best classic stylist: Mark Talley
Best trend-setting stylist: Cassie Sanders
Best blow-dry stylist: Donna Garcia
Best special-event updo stylist: Candy VanHorne
Best hair colorist: Billy Irby
Best children’s stylist: Eva Garcia

Best Energy

Phillip K. Thomas
4411 LEMMON AVE., STE. 102. 214-521-9900
In between spin classes and charity events, Phillip K. “Felini” Thomas says he’s been “hair hooking” since he was 13. He pumps up the volume on some of Dallas’ most “exclusive heads.” As for his down-to-earth staff, he exudes, “We don’t allow any divas here!”
Price range for haircut: $35/men; $45/women
Price range for color: $55/one step; $55 and up/highlights
Best master stylist: Phillip K.Thomas
Best classic stylist: David Forsyth
Best trend-setting stylist: Brandi Bensley
Best blow-dry stylist: Alonzo Woodrow
Best special-event updo stylist: Jamie Robinson
Best hair colorist: Bethany Smith
Best children’s stylist: Ivan Chase

Best Cut, Color, and Cosmopolitan

Salon Pompeo
3227 McKinney ave., ste. 103. 214-979-0440
The philosophy? “A trip to the salon should be as pleasurable as possible. What better way to truly indulge yourself than a day at the salon accompanied by your favorite drink?” We couldn’t agree more. Martini. Extra dry. Two olives and a trim.
Price range for haircut: $30-$70
Price range for color: $50-$120
Specialties: thermal reconditioning
Celebrities served: Steven Jones, Zhizhi Wang, Victoria Snee, Glen Moray
Best master stylist: Don Francis
Best classic stylist: Alex Ste. Marie
Best trend-setting stylist: Lance Hooper
Best blow-dry stylist: Chadwick James
Best special-event updo stylist: Jennifer Barrios
Best hair colorist: Deanna Dipizio
Best children’s stylist: Sara Rice

Best Personality

Paul Neinast
3003 carlisle st., ste. 109. 214-999-0400
It’s not just his magic scissors that put Paul Neinast on top; his boundless energy and his infectious good-natured laugh make him easy to love. His salon may be small, but his staff prides itself on service (lunch delivered on trays to clients under the dryer) and ambience (the salon overlooks the Katy Trail).
Price range for haircut: $30-$75
Price range for color: $45-$85/one step; $75-$225/highlights
Celebrities served: George Bush, Rene Russo, Jan Strimple, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tommy Lee Jones, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Best master stylist: Paul Neinast
Best classic stylist: Paul Neinast
Best trend-setting stylist: Lori Cohea
Best blow-dry stylist: Paul Neinast, Lori Cohea, Ann Bernau
Best special-event updo stylist: Paul Neinast, Lori Cohea, Ann Bernau
Best hair colorist: Paul Neinast, Lori Cohea, Ann Bernau
Best children’s stylist: Ann Bernau




Best Moms & Pops

Clive & Co.
4832 Belt Line Rd. 972-934-0500
This is a modest, minimalist storefront salon. But there’s a chair for everyone: housewives with foil wraps, kicking kids, guys with ties, and teens with trendy tresses. The buzzword here is Rose—”an all-around natural talent,” according to her fellow stylists and clients.
Price range for haircut: $50-$85
Price range for color: $65-$135
Specialties: cut, color, perm
Best master stylist: Clive Lamb
Best classic stylist: Rose Avossa
Best trend-setting stylist: Kevin Farmer
Best blow-dry stylist: Rose Avossa
Best special-event updo stylist: Rose Avossa
Best hair colorist: Ricky Hranichy
Best children’s stylist: Ryan Driggers

Best Blow-dry and Botox

Alan Stone
8220 westchester dr. 214-987-9799
This charming English chap learned to bob and bouffant with the father of modern hairdressing, Vidal Sassoon. Besides offering every hair treatment available, Alan Stone does waxing, reflexology, microdermabrasion, corrective skin care, Botox, and collagen injections. Rest assured once you leave, only your hairdresser will know for sure.
Price range for haircut: $45-$100
Price range for color: $50-$160/one step; $60-$130/highlights
Specialties: massage, Botox wrinkle reduction and collagen injections, microdermabrasion, chemical exfoliation, and corrective skin care
Celebrities served: Leeza Gibbons, Priscilla Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jane McGarry
Best master stylist: Alan Stone
Best classic stylist: Kathy Hill
Best trend-setting stylist: Johnny Rodriguez
Best blow-dry stylist: Garritt Roussell
Best special-event updo stylist: Elizabeth Butler
Best hair colorist: Barbara Smith
Best children’s stylist: Price Stephen

Best Bob and Switch

Michael Raymond
mockingbird station, 5321 e. mockingbird ln., ste. 140. 214-515-0400; 4228 oak lawn ave. 214-520-2898
After bleaching blonds for three decades, co-owner Michael Taylor has seen it all. “Blond hair in New York is 10 foil packets—here I use at least 40!” He and his partner Raymond Pardue move between their two salons—Mockingbird Station draws the funkier foot traffic, while the Oak Lawn outpost has an established group of loyalists.
Price range for haircut: $30 and up/men; $35 and up/women
Price range for color: $50/one step; $85/highlights
Specialties: color
Celebrities served: Dallas Desperados dancers
Mockingbird Station salon
Best master stylist: Angi Mayo
Best classic stylist: Amy Gabrielson
Best trend-setting stylist: Suezyn Boss
Best blow-dry stylist: Candice Newsom
Best special-event updo stylist: Kristine Powell
Best hair colorist: Shelley Pezeshki
Best children’s stylist: Dorian Graves

Best Snip & Shop

4017 preston rd., plano. 972-781-1720
You might miss your appointment if you stop in the huge retail space filled with unique furnishings, accessories, gifts, and new products that the owners hand-selected in Europe. A sleek, contemporary setting with a full menu of services sets the stage for a staff of experienced stylists and aestheticians.
Price range for haircut: $30-$35/men; $40-$75/women
Price range for color: $65/one step; $100-$135/highlights
Specialties: color, facial, wax
Products carried: Guinot, Phytologie
Celebrities served: Senator Florence Shapiro, Robin McGraw (wife of Dr. Phil)
Best master stylist: Dale Collins
Best classic stylist: Dale Collins
Best trend-setting stylist: Dale Collins
Best blow-dry stylist: Carla Berry
Best special-event updo stylist: Amy Shires
Best hair colorist: Dale Collins

Best Family Flare

Osgood-O’Neil Salon
6932 snider plaza. 214-373-6336
This salon is run by two married couples—the Osgoods (Bruce and J.T.) and the O’Neils (Jeff and Alane). Bruce claims he was the first in Dallas to introduce the newest craze in hair: thermal reconditioning. But his wife one-ups him with her reputation, thanks to Allure, for creating the best blond color in Dallas.
Price range for haircut: $45-$75
Price range for color: $50 and up
Specialties: thermal reconditioning, makeup
Best master stylist: Bruce Osgood, Jeff O’Neil
Best classic stylist: Mike Murphy
Best trend-setting stylist: Cecillia Nguyen
Best blow-dry stylist: Cecillia Nguyen
Best special-event updo stylist: Kimberly Crawford
Best hair colorist: J.T. Osgood

Best Thinning Man Salon

Studio One Ten
4514 Travis st., ste. 110. 214-521-4110
Strikingly beautiful décor with hand-painted leopard floors, natural-finished wood, glass-topped workspaces, and wall-to-wall mirrors that wrap around the room create loads of high energy. And lots of that energy goes to guys: they specialize in color for men and progressive techniques for hair loss and thinning hair.
Price range for haircut: $55/men; $75/women
Price range for color: $65/one process; $95/highlights
Specialties: makeovers with Dana Dixon, men’s hair
Celebrities served: Kellie Rasberry, Ron and Nancy Chapman, Nancy Brinker, Dallas Mavericks dancers
Best master stylist: Tori Harris
Best classic stylist: Libbie McClure
Best trend-setting stylist: Kristiluv
Best blow-dry stylist: Jaimi Brazil
Best special-event updo stylist: Kristiluv
Best hair colorist: Betty Payne
Best children’s stylist: Libbie McClure




Best Suburban Style and Setting

Terrace Retreat Salon & Day Spa
1422 Main St., Ste. 263, Southlake. 817-442-0800
5201 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville. 817-788-0800

Residents of the northwestern counties have no reason to ride into the big city for pampering. The elegantly restored 1938 stone cottage in Colleyville is a cozy place to relax with a conditioning scalp, neck, and hair treatment and a hot stone massage or aromatherapy facial.
Price range for haircut: $45-$65
Price range for color: $50/one step; $85/highlights
Specialties: perms, straighteners
Main Street salon
Best master stylist: Gabriela Mendoza
Best classic stylist: Carrie Pershall
Best trend-setting stylist: Vanessa Hawthorne
Best blow-dry stylist: Candace Smith
Best special-event updo stylist: Vanessa Hawthorne
Best hair colorist: Candice Hammit
Best children’s stylist: Lori Hutton

Best Technical Knockout

5600 w. lovers ln., ste. 125. 214-350-7879
Jean-Philippe left his home in Brussels and worked at José Eber’s Beverly Hills salon for nine years before he debuted in Dallas four years ago. He’s been the talk of the town ever since. Several stylists we interviewed remarked that they used to “just sit by his station and watch him cut hair.”
Price range for haircut: $35-$50/men; $50-$110/women
Price range for color: $55-$75/one step; $75 and up/highlights
Celebrities served: Kidd Kraddick, Valerie Williams, Susan Powter
Best master stylist: Jean-Philippe
Best classic stylist: Juliette Anichini
Best trend-setting stylist: Christi Farris
Best blow-dry stylist: Christi Farris
Best special-event updo stylist: Jessie Wilson
Best hair colorist: Dina Montana
Best children’s stylist: Ashley Russell

Best Keep-it-simple Salon

Craig Michael Salon
2812 vine st., ste. 330. 214-880-7400
By analyzing a client’s lifestyle and daily regimen, the stylists at Craig Michael design a look to fit both. Besides looking good, his clients have plenty to look at—the salon hosts local artists’ works that rotate every six weeks. Perhaps the only anti-perm salon in Dallas. (Can we get an amen?)
Price range for haircut: $45-$100
Price range for color: $65/one process; $100 and up/highlights
Specialties: low-maintenance hair
Best master stylist: Craig Michael
Best trend-setting stylist: Angela Birge
Best blow-dry stylist: Angela Birge
Best hair colorist: Meridith Pearson

Best Glamour Man

Tony Fielding
2707 guillot st. 214-522-9486
Everybody wants Tony because he’s done it all: fashion shows for Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera, and Bob Mackie; new looks for superstar models Cindy Crawford, Iman, and Lauren Hutton; album covers for Sarah Hickman and Rickie Lee Jones. Locally he works on plenty of high-society “hair hoppers” from Fort Worth.
Price range for haircut: $40-$45/men; $70/women
Price range for color: $65-$200
Best master stylist: Tony Fielding
Best hair colorist: Bob Schmitz

Best Celebrity Receptionist

William Carr Salon
3301 oak lawn ave., ste. c. 214-520-0116
Everybody who is anybody knows that Bill Carr and his loyal staff are always on time. They have to be—their core clients are professional executives, attorneys, and philanthropists with meetings to make. “On time” doesn’t mean slow—one hectic Saturday, the phone rang off the wall until longtime client Gary Busey sat at the reception desk and took appointments.
Price range for haircut: $35-$50/men; $50-$75/women
Price range for color: $50-$75/one step; $65-$200/highlights
Specialties: cut and color
Celebrities served: Gary Busey, Dixie Chicks, Tanya Tucker, Doug McGrath, Phil & Lillie Romano, Linda Custard, Amy Gardner, Heather Hays
Stylists: Casey Guiterez, Michael Morgan, Joseph Campos, Roberto Adami, and Holly Sowers.
Call Tony Sosa for a screening to be slotted with appropriate stylist.

Best Salon for Bride on a Budget

Craig & Co. II
3609-A greenville ave. 214-821-5299
“Brides are the flakiest clients of all,” shouted Noell Strahan over the whirl of hairdryers in this contemporary, low-key salon. She ought to know—she spends more than two hours “fixing the hair up” on a nervous bride who “then wants it back down” before she walks down the aisle. For full makeup and hair (including weaving in pearls, flowers, or baby’s breath), Noell, who will go on location, charges around $150.
Price range for haircut: $25/men; $35/women
Price range for color: $45 and up/men; $55 and up/women
Specialties: color, highlights, bridal makeup and updos
Best bridal stylist: Noell Strahan
Best children’s stylist: Clara Panemeno

Best Bride without a Budget

The Spa & Salon at the Four Seasons Resort
4150 n. macarthur blvd., irving. 972-717-0700
The Four Seasons has a posh, full-service European salon and spa that’s a perfect hideaway for guys and gals on their “big day.” Protected from phones, in-laws, and caterers, the bride can relax with a series of spa treatments, a manicure and pedicure, and a light spa lunch. If you need a little meditation before marriage, they have a private tunnel from the spa to a yoga class.
Price range for haircut: $38 and up/men; $60 and up/women
Price range for color: $60/one-step; $100/highlights
Specialties: cut and color, bridal packages from $300
Celebrities served: Steven Tyler, Janet Jackson
Best master stylist: Dyan Owens
Best classic stylist: Dyan Owen
Best trend-setting stylist: Savanah King
Best blow-dry stylist: Melanie Welch
Best special event updo stylist: Lisa Wojtowicz
Best hair colorist: Savanah King
Best children’s stylist: Melanie Welch


Best Cowtown Cut

Salon Moda
6318 Camp Bowie blvd., fort worth. 817-732-3733
Salon Moda’s “Evening of Tranquility” package is a sampling of all relaxation services, including massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and scalp massage. During the treatment, “you feel like royalty,” said staffer Susan Beaman, “and you leave like spaghetti.” Ah, our favorite kind of Western!
Price range for haircut: $30-$40
Price range for color: $40 and up
Specialties: hair extensions, wedding parties, “Evening of Tranquility” relaxation package
Celebrities served: The Basses, Debbie Allen, the Judds, Joe Montana
Best master stylist: Tony Jacobsen
Best classic stylist: Cynthia Sarsgard
Best trend-setting stylist: Tony Jacobsen
Best blow-dry stylist: Heidi Caldwell
Best special event updo stylist: Teresa Bosquez
Best hair colorist: Cynthia Sarsgard, Heidi Caldwell
Best children’s stylist: Lisa Pelayo

Best Service with a Style

L’Image Salons of Dallas
5100 Belt Line Rd., Ste. 520, Addison. 972-934-8080; 471/2 Highland Park Village. 214-526-6410; 1900 Preston Rd., Plano. 972-964-7577
Owner Dayton Mast started his career as a young stylist at Neiman Marcus when Mr. Stanley still worked the floors. “He taught me so much about style and customer service.” Obviously he put the lessons to good use: he was the first to open a day spa in Dallas, and this year his salon business—now with three locations—is celebrating its 25th year of pampering, polishing, and perming Big D.
Price range for haircut: $30-$85
Price range for color: $65-$160
Specialties: makeovers, bridal parties, dimensional hair color
Celebrities served: Mimi Rogers, Prince, Peri Gilpin, cast of Dallas
Addison salon
Best master stylist: Dayton Mast, Michiko Miller
Best classic stylist: Alice Holiwell
Best trend-setting stylist: Raphael Cantu
Best blow-dry stylist: Afsaneh Ghasemi
Best special event updo stylist: Dayton Mast, Michiko Miller
Best hair colorist: all stylists
Best children’s stylist: Alice Holiwell, Raphael Cantu

Best Italian

Claudio & Valentino
Compagnia della Bellezza
19009 PRESTON RD., STE. 112. 972-380-2454

Dynamic Italian duo Claudio Movizzo and Valentino Fuschini travel all over Europe to create their own collection of cuts and colors. “Valentino’s been cutting my curly hair for 10 years,” one dedicated client told us. “If he ever moves back to Italy, I’m going with him.”
Price range for haircut: $40-$70
Price range for color: $48-$120
Specialties: cut and color
Celebrities served: “All our clients are celebrities to us.”
Best master stylist: Claudio Movizzo, Valentino Fuschini
Best classic stylist: Maya Jalali
Best trend-setting stylist: Claudio Movizzo, Valentino Fuschini
Best blow-dry stylist: Inge Bhatia
Best special-event updo stylist: Maya Jalali
Best hair colorist: Daniela Cataldi

Best Born to Be Wild

Warren Wilkes Salon
2811 mckinney ave., ste. 14. 214-855-5133
Looking for adventure in the ’60s, Warren Wilkes headed his Harley to Uptown and started cutting whatever came his way. He’s done his share of blonds and continues to do highlights “all day long” from his post on McKinney Avenue.
Price range for haircut: $51/men; $46-$71/women
Price range for color: $56/one step; $126/highlights
Specialities: updos, highlights, hair straightening for men
Celebrities served: Dean Fearing, Steve Miller, Lester Levy,
Mike Tobin, Ashley Banfield
Best master stylist: Warren Wilkes
Best classic stylist: Tera McGrarth
Best trend-setting stylist: Johnny Plant
Best blow-dry stylist: Warren Wilkes
Best special event updo stylist: Warren Wilkes, Aida Morales
Best hair colorist: Warren Wilkes
Best children’s stylist: Aida Morales

Most Significant Snippers

Toni & Guy
16 area locations.
In 1985 everything in Dallas was enormous. Shoulder pads made petite women look like linebackers and jewelry was as big, gold, and gaudy as the gravity-defying do’s around town. Enter Toni & Guy salon on Sherry Lane. It’s hard to believe that their approach—casual hairstyles with a lived-in look—was a revolutionary idea. Seemingly overnight, Dallas beauty parlors turned into hair salons. Almost every stylist in town has done time at a Toni & Guy. Or they’ve taken classes at the Toni & Guy Academy, where there’s a list as long as Willie’s locks to get into their program.
Price range for haircut: $35-$65/men; $40-$70/women
Price range for color: $85-$120
Specialties: casual, non-contrived hairstyles for any age

Best Fashion Forward

Select Studio and Salon
3526 Cedar springs rd. 214-727-9879
This is the place to go if you don’t want “the Dallas look.” It’s a cool place to hang: three kitschy, garage sale-style houses full of cool stuff surround a koi-filled pond and gardens. The stylists here are as funky as the ambience: you’ll find choppy shags, rooster cuts, and do’s with fun and groovy colors.
Price range for haircut: $30-$70
Price range for color: $50-$70/one step; $85-$150/highlights
Services offered: cut, color, style, wax, manicure, pedicure, brow tint
Specialties: cut and color
Best master stylist: Todd Hedrick, director of hair for DIFFA
Best classic stylist: Stephen Hickman, Bill Ory
Best trend-setting stylist: Annette Jensen, Donnell Hauser, Christin Cogg
Best blow-dry stylist: Vicki Bonnheim
Best special-event updo stylist: Todd Hedrick
Best hair colorist: Margaret Mustantig


Tales from the Chair

A woman brought in a videotape of her favorite news anchor and asked her stylist for a similar cut. The hairstylist walked across the room and popped the tape in the VCR, but before he got back to the chair, his client was running out the door. All the other clients in the salon went silent. There was no newscast, just an intimate moment between husband and wife. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

Tales from the Chair

After a client received a haircut at a Shelton’s Salon in Arlington, she went to a shopping mall. She was stunned when a fellow shopper asked, “Did you get your hair cut at Shelton’s?” After two more people asked her the same question, the puzzled client asked, “How did you know?” It turns out she was still wearing the smock.

Tales from the Chair

Listen up! One not-so-discreet stylist told the story about a party he attended to celebrate his best friend’s new penile enlargement. As he snipped and sheared, he went into way too many gory details. Too much for several of his clients who never returned.

King of Color

We sat down with Richard Hayler, one of Dallas’ premier colorists, and picked his brain about the evolution of Dallas hair. ut counts. Style matters. But according to most Dallas women, color is the most important consideration about their hair. In other cities, clients follow their stylist. In Dallas, for the right shade of blond, they will follow their colorist anywhere.

No one knows more about the roots of Dallas hair color than Richard Hayler.

A native Londoner who started out in Dallas with Toni & Guy and Alan Stone, Hayler soon developed his own following. Since opening his own salon in 1985, he has become the most sought-after man for highlights.

D: How has Dallas hair changed since you first got your hands on it?
RH: Basically, hair care in Dallas changed in 1985 when Toni & Guy opened here. Hairdressers were all “artists” then. Now we’re retailers. Product is more important, and the customer is more sophisticated. We empower customers by telling them about the products we use on their hair, and we sell the products so they can care for their hair themselves.

D: What’s next?
RH: The next trend is no trend. Appropriateness to individual, not to trend, is my philosophy, and that in itself may be the trend. You won’t find everyone asking for a Farrah Fawcett cut or bangs like Crystal’s or even just Big Hair anymore. The Jennifer Aniston-type phenomenon is getting more rare. Women want a cut and style that becomes them.

D: Most salons have gone into full service, but you prefer to concentrate on hair. Why?
RH: I put in a massage room, but I had a massage in there myself one day, and between the blow-dryers and the front desk, it was not a relaxing experience. I decided we should focus on what we do best.

D: What’s the most asked-for hair treatment?
RH: The most popular treatment of all is “confusing” or disguising gray. We hand-paint color in, we weave in color, we highlight color. I don’t say we cover it because it implies that shoe-polish look. There’s also a huge increase in men’s business. Their wives bring them in.

D: What’s the favorite hair color in Dallas?
RH: Blond is always the favorite. There’s a mythical quality to blond. Even the vocabulary is positive: you’re “lightening,” you’re “brightening,” you’re putting in “a little bit of sunshine.” Of course, they still all want it to “look natural.” Red is number two.

D: Why is color so important?
RH: You can’t let color go. You can blow off a cut for a while.
D: Why do you specialize in color?
RH: I’m into color because it’s the fun part. When you change your hair color, you’re changing your mindset, and it’s going to show on the outside. It’s a whole change of philosophy to go from red to blond, a life decision that’s fun to be a part of.

D: Why do you think your salon has been successful?
RH: In some ways, hair is the last luxury. This is one of the last high-touch businesses. You really have to trust someone who’s going to put his hands in your hair. We try to be trustworthy.

D: Have you ever made a big mistake with someone’s hair?
RH: Yes. I went blond myself. It was awful.

Richard Hayler, 6174 Sherry Ln. 214-363-1131

The Men’s Guide to Shaving

Step one: go to Neiman Marcus

Most men handle their own shaving because, presumably, it’s a simple task. So unless you suffer from ectrodactylism, like Grady Stiles, known to carnival-goers the world over as “Lobster Boy” on account of his claw-like hands and feet, paying $45 for a shave might sound a little extravagant. And it is. But every man deserves a little extravagance.

No surprise that the place to go is Neiman Marcus. There, on the third floor, you will find The Art of Shaving, a two-chair operation run by Wynn Lyons. Lyons is a large man and a drummer when he’s not wielding a straight razor. But he has gentle hands. Though he can get the job done for $25, what you want costs almost twice that and is called a “Royal Shave.”

First comes the steaming-hot white towel laid on your face, leaving only the nose exposed. Reclining in his chair, you can chat up Lyons, and he’ll tell you about his divorce back in December. Or, if you prefer, keep your mouth shut. Lyons will follow your lead and let Frank Sinatra do all the singing.


Following the hot towel is a warm lather, then stage one of the shave proper. As stated, Lyons uses a straight razor. Anyone who has seen The Color Purple knows that you don’t submit to one unless it’s in the hands of a trusted professional. Lyons fits the bill.

Next comes the post-shave shave, which is basically a re-shave, with another helping of warm lather and the whole bit. Lyons is thorough.

And then, after some salve and a cool towel to tighten the pores, Lyons applies the clay mask. The clay is imported from Nevada—the Silver State apparently offering better dirt, cosmetologically speaking, than is available around these parts. In any case, the clay mask is a nice touch. Although it should be noted that few men look rugged in a full clay mask. If asked, Lyons could probably make it look more like Apache war paint. Neiman’s has always been known for its customer service.
The wondrous experience comes to a conclusion with a neck and shoulder massage, made all the more relaxing by a vibrator that Lyons straps to his hand. You’re welcome to make up your own jokes about that.

When all is said and done, the Royal Shave will require about an hour of your day (and don’t forget the $45). The great majority of men will have either the time or the money, but not both. We pity those men who have to shave themselves. Especially if they have lobster claws for hands. —Tim Rogers

The Art of Shaving is open in the downtown Neiman Marcus from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. 214-658-8777.

José Eber Does Dallas

If it wasn’t for another Texas beauty, José Eber could be clipping mall bangs at Supercuts. But when he shagged Farrah Fawcett in the ’70s (her hair, that is), he became the darling of Rodeo Drive. Not to be outdone by Beverly Hills, Dallas women are also flocking to José. He hits Dallas every six weeks for two or three days for $185 consultations and $300 haircuts. On a recent stopover, his people called our people to offer makeovers. Two D staffers took the bait.


by Rita Meno

“Before” Look
After having long hair for 10 years, my style came from a totally random series of short cuts that resulted in a borderline butch look.
José says: “Darling, you are so sassy and in desperate need of a do to match. You need a look to highlight your beautiful smile and quirky look!”

The New Look
Cut: Rainer, the Swiss stylist, with scissors in hand and my hair falling to the floor, said in broken English, “I make you look like you cut your own hair. I make you look like David Bowie!”
Color: Nikki, the colorist, highlighted my pitch-black hair with flaming red streaks—a tres chic Woody the Woodpecker look. “Darling,” cooed José, “anything to draw attention to your head.”
Makeup: Though José had a fabulous makeup artist on hand, I was less than impressed with the dramatic cabaret look. Fine for a costume ball, but not exactly fitting for 5 o’clock traffic in the Texas sun.

I’ve never felt so darling, but of course I was the only guinea pig brave enough to accept a makeover sans conditions. What’s a makeover if you don’t get made over? For me, the sky’s the limit. Give me a mohawk, shave my head—after all, it’s just hair. It does grow back!

by Aimee Deputy

“Before” Look
I was in the process of growing out my short, blond, news-anchor helmet.
José says: “Absolutely this blond washes you out and makes you look round in the face,” he scolded. “We want to shape your face, darling. I want to bring out that tiny little chin.”

The New Look
Cut: I told Rainer that I wanted to keep some length. He managed to keep some, but after he trimmed the ends, he brandished a comb fitted with razors and sheared my hair from root to end to thin it out. Watching my hair fall in chunks, I finally asked him to slow down. “You need to just sit back and let me do my thing,” he said.
Color: I was certainly the first to cry over my new razored rat-tails as I moved over to the colorist. As she blew it dry, I realized that José had turned my hair back to the dirty, dishwater brown I had been trying to cover up for years.
Makeup: David, the fantastic makeup man, waited patiently while I blinked away tears. He brought out my lips and eyes and managed to make my tiny chin appear a normal size using gold and sable and pink.

I’ll never cheat on my hairdresser of 10 years again. Months have passed; my color has softened into an auburn-kissed caramel and I’ve been taming the rat-tails into some kind of hairstyle.

The Straight Story

WB 33’s Victoria Snee tames her curly
locks with thermal reconditioning.

Stick-straight hair, even right out of the shower. It sounded more like a dream than reality. I decided to do a story on thermal reconditioning for my weekly “Trendy Tuesday” segment on WB 33 News at Nine, and I couldn’t think of a better guinea pig than myself. If my coarse, curly hair could be converted to a luscious, silky shine, then I’d know for sure it wasn’t just another a scam.
I entered Salon Pompeo skeptical but excited. The process was long and tedious, but basically they coat your scalp for protection, soften the hair with a chemical solution, and then straighten quarter-inch sections with flat irons heated to 130 degrees. After the ironing, a neutralizing solution is applied to close the hair cuticle and seal in the softness. Four and a half hours later, it was time for the real test: the final blow-dry. They washed all the chemicals out, and I held my breath. As my eyes fixed on the mirror, I couldn’t believe my bride-of-Frankenstein hair was completely straight. The process has cut at least 30 minutes off my daily hair prep time. I’ve been trying to “iron things out” with my frizzy hair for years. Finally, I’ve set things straight! —Victoria Snee

Salon Pompeo, 3227 McKinney Ave., Ste. 103. 214-979-0440. Price is $150 per inch of hair and lasts for six to eight months.


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