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D Magazine May 2002

Cover Story

Dallas Hair

In another city magazine, a cover story devoted to hair may be frivolous. But we know that little is more important to Dallasites—females, especially—than what grows on top of their heads. We talked to hairdressers, colorists

Got Mold?

While Stachybotrys is still tearing up homes and doing who-knows-what to your lungs, it now wreaks havoc in a new arena: the courts. As class-action suits spread like, well, mold, some victims would rather move on with their lives. Some victims can’t.

Pulse of the City

Central Market shops restaurants for chefs, a Dallas actress with street smarts, a car you (probably) can’t afford, the TV show you’ve never seen, Q&A with a bachelorette, Place Vendome defeats Paris Vendome, who was separated at birth, and more.

Real Life: Property Tax Swindle

Attention, homeowners: by now you’ve received the letter from the appraisal district with the proposed value of your property enclosed. Chances are, you’re not happy with what you see. But you don’t have to sit back and take it. Two of our editors fought

Spaces: Why the Fixation on Downtown is Wrong

Dallas movers and shakers are always trying to fix downtown, because they believe that in some real and important way downtown is Dallas. However, a vibrant downtown will not make Dallas a great civic center. A city’s strength, vitality, and urban image r
Best Lists

The Best Lawyers Under 40 in Dallas

Every field, even law, can count among its members honest, hardworking people who would be a joy to sit next to on a long car trip. So our exclusive list of the city’s best attorneys under 40, then, are the men and women whom you’d want, if not riding sho

The Guide to Private Elementary Schools in Dallas

The stories about Dallas parents putting their fetuses on waiting lists for private schools may seem a bit outrageous, but they’re not very far from the truth. Competition for open spots is fierce, but how do you know which school is worth the wait? To he