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Health & Wellness Guide 2001

We present our annual guide to staying healthy in Dallas, including how to master your pain through massage, where to take your kids for sports injuries, beating Dallas allergies, cutting-edge workouts, and more.
By Kristie Ramirez |


Master Your Pain
Life is hectic. Boss at work. Kids at home. It’s no wonder that we suffer from stress-related maladies: stiff muscles, TMJ, chronic headaches. Though nothing replaces a physician’s care, massage and alternative therapies can help you. Our editors hit the streets in search of relief from our own ailments. We tried deep tissue massage, hot rock therapy, and ortho-bionomy, just to name a few. Here’s what we found.

Nine Steps to Staying Young
Most men would rather go shopping than see a doctor. But preventive exams can make a difference. To prove it, we created a checklist for men ages 50 and up. These routine procedures may make you flinch, but they could keep you out of the hospital—or even save your life.
By Bill Moses

“Drop and Give Me 20!”
Military-style fitness training at B.O.D.Y. Boot Camp is not for the squeamish. But lots of folks are getting up at dawn to work out under the watchful eye of  Lt. Chuck Howard.
By Jennifer Thompson

The Best Workouts in Dallas
Tired of endless cardio workouts? Bored to tears with your aerobics classes? Well, look no further. We discovered cutting-edge workouts that will work your body and your spirit. And yes, they will definitely make you sweat.
By Karon Karter

Where to Take Your Kids For Sports Injuries
When your kids are injured playing sports, do you take them to a doctor who specializes in kids or to a sports-injury specialist? The good news is that Dallas has plenty of experts in both, and we’ll tell you where to find them.
By Dawn McMullan

Attack of the Killer Allergies
We asked local doctors why allergies are so bad in Dallas and what we can do about it.
By Dawn McMullan

A Guide to Good Nutrition
You’ve heard the myths: no fat, fewer carbs, go easy on the red meat. But what’s the real scoop behind good nutrition? And how do we do it in this restaurant-crazed town? We have the inside skinny on how to live and eat well in Dallas.
By Laurie Kline

A Guide to Local Hospitals
Addresses, phone numbers, and other information you need to know about local medical facilities.

Increase Your Mobility
Dallas physical therapist Lisa Ann McCall gives us the lowdown on how simple movements can improve overall health.
By Kristie Ramirez

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