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D Magazine March 2001


A Sushi Symphony

Our local wine expert, in his eagerness to learn more about sushi, teamed up with Takeda Motoi, associate concert master of the Dallas Symphony, to determine which wines pair perfectly with this Japanese delicacy.
By Darryl Beeson

Everybody’s Business

Dallas business analyst David Johnson on Travelocity’s “dream map,” fancy phone technology, and cool gadget Ricochet.
By David Johnson

Living Legends: To Catch a Cheat

If you have fast hands, you can cheat at cards. But you’d better be careful—you never know who’s watching. It may be Norman Beck.

Mr. Mexico

One of the first phone calls George W. Bush made after the inauguration was to Mexican president Vicente Fox. The men chatted amiably in Spanish. Perhaps President Bush ought to keep Rob Allyn’s phone number nearby, too—Allyn helped put Fox in power. We c
By Chris Tucker

Pulse of the City

Kathryn Hall’s next move, dreaming of Eugenie, Spring Break trendspotting, Top 10 Bushies, and more.
By D Magazine

Street Talk: When Your Partner is a Thief

Berry-Brown was a mainstay in the Dallas advertising world—solid clients, loyal employees, and a top-notch executive team. But it only took one betrayal to take it all down.
By Dan Michalski

The Seduction of Stephan Pyles

In 1998, celebrity chef Stephan Pyles made an unprecedented deal with Carlson Restaurants, parent company of T.G.I. Friday’s. Now, just two years into his five-year contract, Pyles has called it quits. What went wrong?
By Mary Brown Malouf
Cover Story

The Spirit of Adventure

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s time to shake the winter blues, lay down that remote control, and get outside. To help you get started, we embarked on a variety of hiking, mountain biking, horseback rid
By D Magazine