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D Magazine July 2001


Living Legends: The Biggest Republican in Dallas

Joyce Little is a cashier in a downtown parking garage. But she studies politics 11 hours a day and can argue better than any talking head in Washington.
Cover Story

Mirror Image: A Guide to Plastic Surgery in Dallas

Plastic surgery is no longer just about vanity. it’s about looking as good as you feel. local surgeons talk about new techniques and non-surgical alternatives that will lift your spirits as well as your face.
By D Magazine

Pulse of the City

Cowgirl of the Alps Shawne Fielding, what Dallas is eating, local singing sensation Shea Seger, home-grown beauty products, and more.
By D Magazine

Street Talk : The Secret of their Success

Garrett Boone and Kip Tindell, founders of Dallas-based Container Store, have been friends and business partners for more than 30 years. Their business is growing by at least 20 percent each year, the turnover rate is 80 to 85 percent below the retail ind
By Laurie Kline

The Resurrection of T. Boone Pickens

Just two years ago, the legendary oilman’s stock was in the tank: he was recovering from a divorce, no one in the business world would take him seriously, and he was clinically depressed. Then natural-gas prices skyrocketed and Pickens experienced the bes
By Shad Rowe

The Top 25 High Tech Leaders in Dallas

While economists try to decide whether or not we’re headed for a recession, the technology industry—the sector hit hardest by the stock market decline—determinedly moves forward, led by men and women with unrelenting optimism and drive to reshape the way
By Mario Talkington


How to Find Magic in Disney World.
By Nancy Nichols