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D Magazine February 2001


City Life: Rules of Engagement

One Dallas sommelier has witnessed his share of marriage proposals—the good, the bad, and the ugly. He offers the do’s and don’ts of popping the question in a restaurant.
By Darryl Beeson

Everybody’s Business

Dallas business analyst David Johnson on “Dr.” Ron Rittenmeyer, investing in 2001, Brinker’s soaring stock prices, and the boom at Hotel Reservation Network.
By David Johnson

Living Legends: The Testimony of Jack Poe

His gangster buddies are all dead—shot, blown up, buried in cement. He’s finally ready to talk.

Street Talk: Last Laugh

It would be hard to find a more ironic Internet story than Despair Inc. Meet the former ISP employees that turned their despair into profit.
By Helen Shortal

The Dallas Man

We’ve all heard about the Dallas Woman—big hair, big breasts, big mouth. But what about the Dallas Man? We present a field guide to the species.
By Nancy Nichols

The Resurrection of Henry Moore

Henry Moore is a monumental figure in 20th century sculpture. But in recent years, because of his “mainstream” status, he was rejected by other artists and nearly forgotten by the public. But with the support of the Dallas Foundation, and the recent reded
By Shelly Grimes
Cover Story

Top Chops

Steakhouses are a big deal in Dallas. But how do you choose one filet over another? What’s dry aged anyway? And which wine pairs perfectly with that bone-in rib-eye? We schlepped around town and compared potatoes to potatoes at

Travel: Ragin’ Cajun

Our dining critic blazed down Louisiana’s Boudin Trail where the best food isn’t found in fancy restaurants, but at the local corner store.
By Todd Johnson