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Great Dates

Need to spice up your dating life? Or perhaps you just want to show your longtime sweetie that you still have a sense of adventure. First, surrender the fantasy that dinner and a movie is a great night out. Second, read our cove
By Nancy Nichols |

Hello. How about dinner and a movie this Friday night?

Been there, you say? Done that?    

Cheap Dates

Which Craft Open Mic Two Dollar Hustle.
Wine for Me, Baby    

Mood & Music

Jazz It Up. Saturday Night Fever All You Need Is Love
Swing Out, Sister The Ricky Ricardo Mozzarella and Mozart.
Czech Mate    

Dudes & Dudettes for a Day

Spaghetti Western Horsing Around Fresh Air
Hokey Pokey    

Laugh to Love

Good Clean Fun Gender Bender Loose Lips
Funny Bone Specialists    

Mind Benders

Mac Attack Building the Perfect Relationship Buddhist Delight
Love Train Trivial Pursuits Art Lovers
A Novel Idea The Lotus Position Mind Altering
Page Turner Typical Tourist  

Senses & Adventure

Tranquil Oasis Tanks a Lot The Ultimate Car Date
Holy Rollers Kenyan Caper Come Sail Away
Night Owls Delta Dawn Wall Flowers
Hog Heaven Pitch Before You Putt He Shoots, She Scores
Meet Me In McKinney Nice Ice, Baby  

Pop the Question

Center Stage Hollywood Romance Sign Here
Taking the Worst Out of First    

Eat Cook Man Woman

Get Fresh Curry Home Cookin’ for Love
French Kiss    

Hello. How about dinner and a movie this Friday night? 

Been there, you say? Done that? Does painting your toenails or watching sports bloopers sound more appealing than the usual night out? To get you out of your dating doldrums, the staff at D Magazine—composed of twenty-, thirty-, forty-, and fiftysomethings—set out to disprove the theory that Dallas nightlife is an oxymoron. In the process we captured it all: great clubs with live music, offbeat romantic spots, the best places to share a laugh, ideal settings to pop the (or any) question, and a host of adventurous destinations designed to stretch your legs and your love life.

Cheap Dates

We aren’t insinuating that your date is cheap. We’ve just discovered plenty of ways to get to know each other without dipping into what’s left of your savings.

1 Which Craft. Get to know each other as you get to know the artists within yourselves. After all, the art of love is a craft. Pick up the pieces before your relationship falls apart at Smashing Times or let your pottery paintings say the thousands of words you can’t come up with at Paint Yer Pottery. Either way, you won’t ever have to say you salvaged nothing from this relationship. Paint Yer Pottery, 17194 Preston Rd. @ Cam

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