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D Magazine December 2001


From the Publisher

Why we need a strong mayor.
Cover Story

Great Dates

Need to spice up your dating life? Or perhaps you just want to show your longtime sweetie that you still have a sense of adventure. First, surrender the fantasy that dinner and a movie is a great night out. Second, read our cove
By Nancy Nichols

Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Dining out with kids shouldn’t be restricted to burgers and pizza. Nor should parents have to tolerate a dumbed-down menu while trying to enjoy a decent meal. The good news is Dallas has real, grownup restaurants that cater to kids. And they may surprise
By D Magazine
Cover Story

Plus: One brave editor swallows her pride and signs up for a dating service.

One brave editor swallows her pride and signs up for a dating service.
By Jennifer Chininis

Pulse of the City

Mark Cuban starts his own TV network, local model Valery Prince, Glenn Mitchell gears up for his Christmas show, alternative arts for the holidays, must-have winter accessories, and more.
By D Magazine

Spaces: The New Republic (December, 2001)

Downtown Dallas’ showcase bank buildings, including the once-grand Republic Bank and its rival, the Mercantile, did more than reassure customers. They expressed enormous egos. But for more than a decade, these temples of commerce have sat empty. Until now
By Virginia Postrel

The Christmas Reader

Books are timeless gifts that say as much about the giver as the recipient. We asked some of Dallas’ most interesting businessmen, clergy, media types, and artists to help you pick the perfect page-turner for everyone on your list.
By Aimee Deputy