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D Magazine April 2001


Living Legends: Psst! Want to Buy a Castle?

In the market to buy a $9 million hunting preserve? If so, you may want to give Marilyn Hoffman a call. Her specialty? Expensive, exotic properties no other broker will touch.

Pulse of the City

Ken Hughes’ bright idea, a Charlie’s Angel lands in Dallas, a former Times Herald reporter dishes dirt on the tabloid press, springtime reading, and more.
By D Magazine

Spanish Acquisitions

Algur Meadows was the quintessential Texas oil baron. After making a fortune in black gold in Texas, he was granted exclusive rights to explore in Spain, where he began to put his money where his passion was: Spanish art. Meadows amassed one of the most i
By Nancy Nichols

Street Talk: Swim Fast, Little Fish

Fifteen years ago, Wayne Pickering was at the top of his game. The son of a well-respected family, he had a healthy income, a happy family, and the strut he earned as a high school quarterback. Then he brokered three land flips for a real estate promoter.
By Shad Rowe

The Patron & The Prize

When this year’s crop of free agents hit the auction block, Alex Rodriguez, arguably the best shortstop in modern baseball, was in a position to take bids from any team that could afford him. Six teams were courting him, and Texas was at the back of the p
By Nancy Nichols
Cover Story

The Pirate Attack on Yahoo

When a young, unknown entrepreneur sued Mark Cuban and Yahoo for $4 billion, he thought he’d become the newest millionaire in town. Instead he found himself at the center of a sleazy courthouse corruption scandal. We bring you the exclusive, 11-month investigation of how a band of rogues tried to extort billions from Dallas’ newest tycoon.

By Glenna Whitley