What Women Want

We wanted to know what Dallas women think. So we asked them to complete a survey about their opinions and about life in Dallas-Fort Worth. We asked about their formulas for happiness and their best qualities. We asked about the books they’re reading and where they like to be wined and dined. And of course we asked about men-and sex. (However, 16 percent refused to answer the sex question.) Of those that responded, the largest group-26.7 percent-are between the ages of 35 and 44. More than 60 percent are married (77 percent happily so), and 76 percent of them are professionally content. Our readers are lawyers, nurses, systems consultants, graphic designers, and homemakers who describe themselves as optimistic, caring, charming, lustful, and confident. And as you can tell, they are also candid and funny. Read on to see what’s on their minds.


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