Your e-Business is on the Horizon. Are You Ready?

How will you leverage the Internet for optimal bottom-line advantage and top-of-mind recognition?

Companies choose KPMG Consulting because of our substantive blend of workforce experience, scale of resources, speed of delivery, and support from alliance partners such as Microsoft. Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco Systems.

No other consulting organization offers the same combination of capabilities.


KPMG Consulting’s High Tech practice can help transform software and electronics companies into e-business organizations.

“For start-ups. we can expedite the implementation of new digital enterprises – from Web strategy and branding to Web creation and launch.” says Robert Cleveland, partner for KPMG Consulting Southwest High Tech practice. “For established players, we deliver fully integrated end-to-end e-business solutions that reinvent customer and supplier relationships in highly accelerated timeframes.”


Our consultants understand that just deploying a Web site does not create an e-business infrastructure capable of increasing revenue, reducing expenses, attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones.

That’s why they can also develop front-and back-end Web solutions that create new ways of doing business across the entire supply chain-linking customers, suppliers, and partners. In the process, they can transform businesses by offering e-business strategy, process management, and technology implementation.


Speed doesn’t mean just being fast. It means applying a pragmatic, phased approach to specific challenges, being flexible, and getting the job done as quickly as possible, so businesses don’t lose lime or marks! advantage.

’”Our team designs, develops, and implements workable solutions in short increments,” says Mike Harrison, managing director in KPMG Consulting “s Real Estate and Hospitality practice. “We can accelerate progress because we don’t isolate strategy from implementation.”

As KPMG consultants work with clients to develop e-business strategy, they begin building the infrastructure that is required to successfully execute that strategy-jump starting the process and facilitating results.

The pace of change in technology has increased the importance of making informed decisions. Our consultants can help. Come and share our view.

KPMG Consulting LLC is a leading provider of Internet integration services. For more information, visit us on the Web at


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