The Next Big Thing

What is il like to be the North Texas leader in a very new business? Ask David Greer CEO of NexiCorp. Greer founded NextCorp when the money men of Silicon Valley were just figuring out thai ASP stands for Application Service Provider-one of today’s hottest business concepts.

Greer’s model lets small and medium-sized businesses defer the expense and complication of buying business critical application software, as well as expensive servers, data centers, and support staff. Instead, they rent what they need from NextCorp. While the idea of renting “big-company” computer software on a pay-as-you-go basis now attracts new market entrants nearly every day, NextCorp had the foresight to be there first.

Today. NextCorp’s accounting, business, and IT experts design and launch agile financial software systems for clients like’s Kevin Prigel. recently seen basking on the cover of eCompany magazine.

“Through our producls and services, companies with multiple locations can function without having to spend excessive amounts of money on infrastructure,” Greer says.

“Many of our clients are startups that need sophisticated back office software and don’t have the internal infrastructure to support il or the capability to buy high-end equipment and software.” he says. “We also serve larger corporations that do have the equipment and software, but want to outsource their IT function. We take care of the servers, upgrade the software, and do backups.”

As an Application Service Provider NextCorp offers clients software and platforms needed to get their company’s financial data through the Internet anytime, anywhere. Greer’s teams have developed a reputation for streamlining and strengthening client accounting and business systems with an unusually resourceful product-service mix. NextCorp offers financial software training, installation, and .support and with the applications hosting approach, a client can purchase, lease, or even rent the software.

Superior software is a key building block. Dynamics and eEnterprise from Great Plains are two Nextcorp maintstays, and among the most powerful and flexible accounting software solutions available. NextCorp also provides a range of project-based consulting services to help create customized, cost-effective accounting software solutions. Greer says NextCorp stands out among competitors, because its consultants have domain expertise, an asset thai isn’t always offered by other ASPs.

“We’re not just offering to host any software on our computers,” Greer says. “We actually know the software we’re working with. We set it up, maintain it. and provide help desk support on an ongoing basis. Our services enable companies to use high-end software and hardware for substantially less money. There is more to the ASP business than accessing your Excel tiles over the Internet. We develop relationships with clients.”

Greer’s decision to expand to the ASP market in Dallas and Fort Worth was a timely one. By 2(X)3. the application hosting market is expected to reach $23 billion. Greer plans to grow NextCorp along with the industry and expand nationally. If his earlier successes captaining the Business Systems Consulting units of Ernst & Young’s Dallas and Foil Worth offices are any indication, NextCorp may be the next big thing to come out of Big D’s dynamic high-tech arena.


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