The Catalyst for Companies’ Digital Change

When a company wants to reinvent itself to better compete in the Digital Economy, it often calls on Rare Medium, a company that has seen a tremendous amount of growth and change in the past few years. And at the helm of Rare Medium is an expert in managing change-President and COO Suresh V. Mathews.

Mathews has a long, successful track record for leading companies as they evolve to better succeed in the New Economy. He joined Rare Medium last year from Quaker State after orchestrating a high speed global SAP implementation, spear-heading a supply chain re-engineering effort to transform the company into a consumer packaged goods company, and as one of Quaker State’s top executives, overseeing the plan to merge Quaker State and Pennzoil.

Prior to that, Mathews spearheaded similar business process and operational re-engineering efforts at PepsiCo Global Restaurants as a CIO. As the CIO at Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Inc., he implemented a global knowledge management system that is acknowledged as the industry standard for global consultancies. He has twice been named as a “’TOP 25 CIO” by Information Week, was nominated for a Computerworld Smithsonian award, and was recognized by the United States Senate with the “Award for Quality and Productivity”.

“A company cannot survive without the systems and processes to operate at the speeds that our global, Internet-connected economy demands,” says Mathews. “As technology progresses, we will continue to see the definition blur between companies and organizations as the Internet enables seamless integration that extends from a consumer’s easy chair where someone inputs an order for a pizza, all the way down the supply chain, from the delivery boy’s pager to the pepperoni manufacturer.”

According to Mathews, it will be a difficult process for those who approach it begrudgingly. But for those who get ahead of the curve and prepare for the inevitable changes, the future is indeed bright.

To gel there, many firms have turned to Rare Medium, which offers a unique combination of venture capital, incubation, Internet development, online branding, e-com-merce, and broadband/wireless solutions. A part of Rare Medium Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: RRRR), Rare Medium has grown both organically and via strategic acquisitions. The firm now has over 900 employees in 20 offices worldwide. Dallas is the company’s executive hub and is the headquarters for its Global Production Services Group (GPx) that handles Rare Medium’s largest global engagements thai span many continents and years.

“Working with a start-up is different than consulting with a Fortune 100 corporation, ” Mathews says. “’With a start-up the needs are often in the realm of funding, incubation and services. A Fortune 100 client must consider strategies relating to redefining its overall business, translating its brand online, deciding whether to structure its as part of the company or a separate entity, as well as how to redefine its operations and product/service offering based on the Internet. At Rare Medium we have the talent, resources, and expertise to assist these companies and become their catalyst for digital change.”


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