Optical transport equipment for an Internet-centric economy

Oil was the key resource of the Industrial Revolution, and Bandwidth will be a key to the Internet Revolution. Who better to fuel the Internet than a company 6×301 Dallas?

Bandwidth is a measure of how much information (bits) can he transported how fast (bits per second) between two points in a network.

Our information-based economy of today and the popularity of the Internet networking medium has hugely increased the bits people want to transport from place to place-and the trend has only started, Since we’re naturally impatient, we need these bits to be transported to us and to our customers at faster and faster speeds.

Most believe the Internet only reaches its full potential if we find economic and easy ways to transport very, very large blocks of bits very, very fast-across the country or across town. Where dial-up modems (which use 50-plus year old telco networks) give us tens of kilobits per second of transmission throughput, many companies today can’t conduct business without gigabit-per-second transmission services.

And if you’re a carrier like MCIWorldcom, carrying the traffic of many companies on your network, you are actively plaining for transmission in the terabit-per-sec-ond and petabit-per-second ranees. But teehnology rescues us, and the enabling technologies are appearing at several levels in the overall telecom marketplace. Fiber optic transmission technologies are advancing two times faster than the famed Moore’s Law of Integrated Circuit advances. Carriers old and new are busy placing thousands of new fiber optic cables under our city’ streets to use this technology.

Enter White Rock Networks, founded November 1999 in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor and named following a long walk around Dallas’ White Rock Lake. White Rock’s products are all about enabling service providers to deliver very high-speed services at a much lower cost. White Rock’s six (bunders, who have been in telecom throughout their careers, decided it was time for a new generation of metro-area optical transport equipment. Long haul transport has largely been solved, but the metro remains the world’s largest bandwidth bottleneck. This same team had just created the last next generation of optical transport at ADC’s Richardsonbased Transport Division where they worked together.

There was ample encouragement for their plans. Two of America’s premier venture capital firms, Oak and Mayfield, split a $12 million investment in February once White Rock’s Product Strategy was cemented. Both VC firms are frequent and successful investors in the overall fiber optic technology space. Since February 2000 White Rock has been busy turning money into people and products on Internet time. Its 40-plus engineering team will grow to 120 by Christmas 2000. Fortunately. Telecom Corridor is a great place to create and build a world-class systems company.

White Rock’s broad family of optical transport products will roll out over several years, but expects its first customers by spring 2001. and worldwide demand should produce a steep growth ramp. White Rock is constantly looking for outstanding telecom people for its team. Please visit our website at www.whiterocknetworks.com.


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