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The IT industry has experienced tremendous change during the last 20 years. ThinkSpark, formerly Database Consultants, has been providing its Oracle-centered business solutions for more than a decade. Founded in 1987 by Kerry Osborne, ThinkSpark originally was a database consulting company before fanning out into other areas, including systems development and Oracle training, while it slowly evolved its e-business focus. However, ThinkSpark doesn’t define e-business in the same way newer IT companies define it.

“E-business is more than the Internet.” says Patrick Mullins, Director of Communications. ’To us, e-business is anything your business does with technology that couldn’t be accomplished without it. So truly, we’ve been involved in e-business since day one. We are a home-grown business that is well-established in accomplishing what a lot of start-ups are trying to do today.”

What makes ThinkSpark different from other business solutions companies is its quick-start, scalable approach that produces real business value. The company prides itself on providing just enough solution for a business to accomplish its goals with the flexibility to expand in the future. With a new company name, ThinkSpark is also refocusing its goals to serve the IT industry’ by building on its strong and established foundation of systems, database and education services, e-commerce specialization, knowledge management, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

These services are provided by some of the best consultants in the market. ThinkSpark is so selective when hiring consultants that about 80 percent of applicants are turned away. 1LOur consultants have an average of 11 years experience in the IT industry and six years experience in Oracle products,” Mullins says. “It’s tough to find them, but our business is built on doing what we say we’ll do. This may sound simple, but if we tell clients they’ll have the best consultants in the business, they’ll have the best.”

ThinkSpark not only hires top-notch IT employees, it also partners with the most elite companies in the industry. It boasts strategic partnerships with three of the e-business world’s leading enablers,Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco Systems. ThinkSpark is the second-largest Oracle Authorized Reseller in the U.S. and the nation’s largest operator of Oracle Approved Education Centers. These are impressive credentials, considering 64 percent of the Fortune 100, 70 percent of the Fortune 500, and 93 percent of the world’s successful dot-com companies run on Oracle. With ThinkSpark’s consulting expertise applied to the products of these three technology powerhouses, its clients can accomplish their business goals in a practical and timely fashion.

Partnering with these companies accounts for only a portion of ThinkSpark’s growth. It now has more than 750 clients including Fortune 500, mid-size, and startup businesses with 15 offices throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

“We are still enjoying organic growth,” Mullins says. “We’re holding back on unbridled growth to keep our core values. Right now, our biggest challenge is finding the qualified people to take care of all the business that keeps coming in, and that’s a great problem to have.”


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