Lead the e-Business Charge with Stonebridge Solutions

Ready or not, here comes the e-business revolution which is destined to dramatically change the business and information technology worlds at shocking speed. Stone-bridge Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of e-business consulting services, helps its clients attract, serve, and retain their customer relationships via the Internet by integrating systems and processes end-to-end, from web face to enterprise operations.

In anticipation of the growing need foi professional e-services offerings, Stonebridge was created in 1995 by merging Computer Professionals and Breckenridge Software. Since that time, Stonebridge has grown both organically and through a combination of mergers and acquisitions to take advantage of the growing e-business market. Additionally, to fuel growth, William E. Simon & Sons Private Equity and Mellon Ventures, Inc. led a S75 million leveraged recapitalization of Stonebridge in May of 1998.

Now only five years since its beginnings, Stonebridge has been ranked No. 5 on the Fast-Tech 50 list that recognizes the fastest growing technology companies headquartered in Dallas. Stonebridge has built a quality team of more than 600 Associates focused on delivering e-business solutions in 12 cities in the Southcentral and Southeastern U.S.

“Our clients view the Internet as either an opportunity, threat, or competitive advantage, and we have assembled an impressive team of diversely talented people to help meet their e-business challenges,” says Vice President and General Manager. Hank Johnson.

Stonebridge differentiates itself by using a local delivery model, rapid time-to-market deployment, vertical competencies, and investing in research and development teams.

’’Rapid deployment is achieved through the company’s e-Readiness TM methodology which rests on three pillars: Infrastructure, Information, and Interaction-logically linking and architecting solutions from brand relationship management to back-office enterprise systems,” Johnson says. ’’Clients who have benefited from this innovative approach include GTE, WorldCom, WebLink Wireless, the Dallas Morning News, CapRock Communications, and Blockbuster, among others.”

Recently. Gartner Group, a preeminent research firm, concluded that the company has experienced professional services management at the helm, proven e-business solutions wrapped around a solid methodology, and a clear understanding of the size and complexity of projects that map to its capabilities. “

Our ability to bring a complete solution is attractive to clients as well as our Associates, who are stimulated by being able to deliver a unique solution,” Johnson says. “We partner with clients on engagements that are mission critical and technically satisfying.” As a result, Stonebridge is an outstanding and interesting place to work that has one of the lowest turnover rates in the consulting industry-it mere 12 percent compared to the industry average of 28 percent.

The company delivers more than 90 percent of its engagements using local Stonebridge consultants. This gives clients cost-effective solutions resulting in increased productivity using consistent teams, which reduces the risks associated with e-business transformation and complex technology projects.

Stonebridge serves a variety of industry sectors such as communications, healthcare, financial services, and discrete manufacturing throughout its U.S. locations. To learn more about how Stonebridge can help ready your company for the e-business revolution, visit www.sbti.com.


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