JENKENS & GILCHRIST: Velocity=Speed+Direction

Velocity. Speed plus Direction. Operating at the speed of light without being in the dark. It’s the new moniker of business and it’s not just an option, it’s the standard. At Jenkens & Gilchrist we not only understand it, we write the book on it – every day. Achieving bandwidth across a business universe that changes 24/7.

Solutions to the revolution.

Humankind has never changed like this before. And it doesn’t scare us one bit. It powers us. Securing your IP assets first and foremost. Connecting venture capitalists to your business. Tech audits to analyze your vulnerabilities. Protecting your domain name from cybersquatters and those who might want a piece of your action. Immigration and employment matters to keep the strongest minds at your shop. And oh yeah, structuring your own piece of the pie so that your compensation is everything you want it to be.


What isn’t e-commerce these days. Any business fogging up a mirror is in e-commerce in some form or fashion. The question isn’t: “Are you in e-commerce?” The question is: “Are you optimizing your e-commerce position?”

And about your e-brand. Has it been cleared? Has it been registered correctly? What about maintenance? Enforcement? Is it safe? You think so? We know ways unnoticeable to the naked eye that competitors can steal customers by pillaging your brand’s identity on the Internet. Today’s technology opens up a prolifery of new ways for competitors to traipse mud across the carpet of your brand’s identity and divert business from your pocket to theirs without you even noticing.

It’s a fast new world, but not always a pretty one.

John Holzgraefe of Jenkens & Gilchrist: “People hire us because we make things happen. Every day we see it. People need to know how to identify and secure the IP assets they are developing. Then they have to manage the financing process. We help solve both problems.”

It’s also no secret, more and more people want to talk IPOs. And while it may sound simple to some, to do it right takes meticulous planning, creative resourcing and intricate execution. Those aren’t just words. They are the results from doing it again and again. Hand-holding start-ups while creating and protecting their IP assets. Bringing a company to market in ways never even considered just a few years ago.

For some, it’s mergers and acquisitions. Buying. Selling. Co-branding, Jumping in the same boat together Stock exchanges. Asset evaluation. IP analysis. Trade secrets. Mix the recipe the wrong way and you end up with mush. Let an experienced professional guide you and (he results could be magnificent.

But in the end, it’s about Velocity. Speed plus Direction. Lack either one and you won’t like the results. Achieve both and you’re on the right road.

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