Intecom… A Great Place to Succeed

Cutting-edge technology. Entrepreneurial vision. Personal empowerment. And a corporate culture that encourages innovative thinking and rewards great ideas. These are the key attributes that have propelled Intecom to the forefront of the new economy.

For more than 20 years, Dallas-based Intecom has been working with organizations around the world to provide a wide variety of leading-edge, business communications technologies. Some of America’s premier companies rely on Intecom’s communications solutions. Intecom draws upon that experience to capitalize on today’s fast-moving economy, working with industry giants such as Microsoft, MCI, and Internet America.

A company of firsts.

Intecom’s legacy as a proven pioneer in business communications has led to a long list of firsts. Intecom was the first to introduce non-blocking voice and data architecture. The first to employ distributed communications environments with centralized control. The first to develop integrated call centers. And the first to provide computer telephone integration.

In today’s hyper-networked world of e-business. Intecom is once again leading the way with innovative solutions for voice-data convergence, e-commerce, and customer connectivity,

“As everyone knows, technology is a snapshot of a moving object,” says Philippe Lecat, CEO of Intecom. “We stay ahead by looking ahead. That’s the key. But you’re only as good as your people. We hire the best talent we can. Compensate them well. And empower them to create, innovate, and lead.”

A culture that attracts the best.

A tour of Intecom’s Dallas headquarters quickly reveals why Intecom is successful in attracting the best in the industry, Intecom is a company that respects its employees. The atmosphere is diverse, friendly and business casual. And people are truly engaged in their work.

“Compensation is critical in attracting talent,” Lecat says, “but it’s engaging people with challenging work and giving them the freedom to achieve and succeed that keeps good people with you. That’s what we offer at Intecom. We ask the best of our people, but we support them with the resources and tools to achieve it.”

In addition to a fun and challenging work environment, Intecom offers great benefits, including vision care, a mail-order prescription drug program, and tuition reimbursement.

Call Intecom today.

If you have the desire to join an industry-leading company with a proven business model for growth and success, contact Intecom today at (972) 855-8000. Or visit Intecom’s web site at


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