Delivering Travel Anytime, Anywhere, Through Any Channel

Known as the engine behind the electronic travel distribution business, Sabre Holdings Corporation is the global leader in information technology for the travel and transportation industry. Sabre is known for its innovative computer systems thai electronically link travel agencies, corporations, and consumers to travel and information suppliers worldwide. In fact. Sabre was one of the world’s first companies to offer electronic airline reservations systems. Superior technology is still what .sets the company apart from ils competitors more than 40 years later.

The Sabre system runs on one of the world’s largest privately owned real-time computer systems with a response time of less than three seconds. It links to more than 210,000 terminals at travel agencies, airports, and other businesses and sends an average of 270 million messages per day. The evidence of Sabre’s success is in its numbers. Sabre offers travel services from more than 440 airlines, nearly 47,000 hotel properties, and 50 forms of transportation services. More than 40 percent of all reservations made in the world are processed through the Sabre system, resulting in $75 billion dollars in travel services booked annually through the company. A pioneer in information technology services for airlines, Sabre also provides IT outsourcing and consulting services to enhance and maintain the highly complex information technology systems required by transportation companies.

This success is expected to continue, especially under the leadership of Sabre’s new Chainnan and CEO, Bill Hannigan.

“Sabre’s technology has traveled through time, around the world, and touched all points of the travel industry,” Hannigan says. “We have continuously pushed the envelope of information technology to solve stratégie business challenges. Innovation is our heritage and our future.”

Not only does Sabre offer system products for travel agents, the company also serves corporate consumers with a system that helps them make and change their own travel plans and file expense reports from the desktops. Sabre Business Travel SolutionsR. Sabre’s VirtuallyThere is a travel web site that delivers real-time information about a traveler’s plans, including a personalized itinerary, destination information, and insider tips on local hot spots.

AMR Corporation recently distributed its remaining interest in Sabre to its shareholders. so Sabre is now 100 percent publicly traded. A 70 percent shareholder in, the leading online travel marketing company. Sabre has more than 10.000 employees worldwide, with 6.000 employees in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Not only is the company growing, it’s also receiving much attention. Sabre was the first recipient of the Operations Research Society of America Award and was named “The Best Operations Research Group in the Country.” It has won the World Travel Award as the world’s leading computer system for five consecutive years.

While Sabre is enjoying this success, its leaders plan on striving for more. “We plan to satisfy customers and seize opportunities with even greater speed and agility.” Hannigan says. “We are well positioned to capitalize on evolving industry trends and growth so that we can continue to distribute travel anywhere, anytime, and through any channel.”


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