Gary McCoy travels extensively, producing award-winning photography for corporate and editorial clients. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the New York An Directors’ Club, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. His passion for nature and environmental subjects inspired him to capture the magic of Dallas’ historic trees (see “Shade.” p. 100). We always knew he was a shady character.

Dawn McMullan, former newspaper writer/magazine editor, decided she didn’t want a real job. Then she had kids and discovered what a real job really is. In addition to D, Dawn has contributed to Texas Monthly, the Dallas Morning News, The Mer, and Southern Living. She and her husband met in their small-town hometown of Waxahachie (OK, so she was biased in her research for our cover story this month on p.89). They now live five minutes from downtown-but, true to their smalltown roots, in a Victorian home.

Jeffrey Hogrefe is a Brooklyn-based writer who spent live years in Santa Fe working on his biography of Georgia O’Keeffe. He returned to Santa Fe for the article on Gerald Peters that begins on p. 106 and found that the town was more enamored of the artist than ever. His work has appeared in Civilization, Vanity Fair, The New York Observer, the Washington Post, and Metropolis, among others.

A With an ardent mix of theology, graphic design, and found objects, Anita Horton exposes not only her Christian faith, bin also her passion for art. Themes in her work have included Bible stones, culture traps, questioning of authority, and consequences of choice. During the past year, Anita’s sculptural pieces have been shown at the Biblical Arts Center. Dallas Visual Art Center, Stone by Stone Gallery, Collin County Community College Gallery in Piano, and the O’Kane Gallery in Houston. Anita also works as a freelance art director and graphic designer. She and husband. Bill, and daughter, Sophia, live in Dallas. Anita’s work appears in “Glorified, Refried. and Sauce on the Side” on p.58.


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