Complete Internet Solutions

In a rapidly growing local marketplace of Internet companies, standing out among the rest may eventually prove difficult. It won’t be long before the only high-tech companies left standing will be those that offer a truly unique e-business product or approach. InSite Productions is quickly becoming one of those companies.

InSite Productions provides a complete line of Internet services, pulling together top quality resources for creating and supporting both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) websites. Rather than trying to solve a company’s Internet needs all at once, InSite prefers to closely integrate with a company in order to anticipate its future needs. “This approach is something of a rarity, although with the dynamic nature of the industry, it should be a priority,” says Adrienne Beam. President of InSite Productions.

“We treat our clients more like partners than customers,” Beam says. “We have clients that have been with us since we opened our doors that we have evolved and grown with. They trust us to assist them with their technical needs and to serve as their consultants in the Internet arena.”

InSite Productions offers everything a company needs to start or enhance its website. Services include custom graphic design, web page development, database integration, custom programming for interactive and e-com-merce functionality, website hosting, ongoing site maintenance, and e-mail account services. “Companies can’t effectively get by with a single in-house webmaster to handle everything,” Beam says. “They need a team of professionals to work with them along the way.”

Beam founded InSite Productions because she learned early that in order for companies to stay ahead in a global marketplace, they must have interactive, up-to-date, informative, and productive websites. Brochureware-sites that offer nothing but a company summary- will certainly be passed over. “If a company truly understands the unlimited growth potential of the Internet, it needs a company that will partner and grow with it as its needs change.” Beam says.

Beam left her job as a vice president of an Internet company to start InSite Productions. She ran the company from a back-office storage room, with start-up funding from supportive friends and business partners. That was the only capital she’s ever needed. To this day, InSite Productions receives no outside funding. After a first year which exceeded all projections. InSite grew a further 500 percent in year two and should achieve similar growth in this, its third,! year. Beam attributes this to a rapidly growing team of hard-working professionals.

“Clients don’t see us as just another web company because we get close enough to them to see the big e-business picture as it affects them.” Beam says. “We offer a personalized service that most other companies aren’t providing.”

Beam is most proud of her company’s corporate culture. Employees are a tight-knit group who often work well past midnight to get the job done “We have to enjoy working with each other or this business wouldn’t succeed,” she says. “We work hard together, but we also share our successes and celebrate together when things go well.”


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