Companies Can Design, Test, And Launch Solutions To Marketplace Through New Dallas Center

In an effort to move a company’s eBusi-ness strategies from idea generation to the marketplace in record time-as short as 100 days-Arthur Andersen has opened its first eSolutions Center in the Southwest Region. The facility represents an expansion of Arthur Andersen’s successful eSolutions Centers in San Jose. Calif, and London.

The Centers are places where Arthur Andersen can work with clients to foster innovative thinking, leverage technology, and address customer, competitor, and supplier issues to improve a company’s performance and value. Arthur Andersen helps companies expand their operating models to maximize Internet opportunities by identifying new customer needs or revenue streams, optimizing delivery channels, reducing times and costs in the supply chain, and neutralizing competitive threats.

“In a rush to ’e’, companies sometimes fail to adequately evaluate their strategic challenges and opportunities,” says Jeff Balentine. partner-in-charge of the Center. “Companies need to think carefully about the impact that their Web efforts can have on all stakeholders. Our consultants have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to assist clients through the process of identifying strategic solutions.

“eBusiness is more than technology.” adds Balentine. “We help clients understand the impact of eBusiness on their strategy, people, and processes. Many companies know what they want, but don’t know where to start. We help them explore various options.”

The eSolutions Center offers a creative environment that helps companies work through the eBusiness lifecycle of strategy, development and planning; design; implementation: and operations. Client options are explored in the Center’s four Studios: Strategy Studio, Experiential Design Studio, Supply Chain Studio, and Technical Center.

In the Strategy Studio, Arthur Andersen teams with the client to analyze the existing business landscape and brainstorm on opportunities. The strategy workshop allows clients to visualize innovative relationships and ways to dramatically improve interactions with target stakeholders.

Too often, companies start with a strong strategic vision, yet fail in the marketplace because their Web presence fails to engage the customer. In the Experiential Design Studio, Arthur Andersen helps clients move from vision to execution, solving the challenges that are usually problematic for other companies, such as usability. Web branding, information Bow, and content development

The Supply Chain Studio is a think tank specifically designed around customer and supplier eBusiness issues, Companies learn how to intelligently optimize their businesses through multi-enterprise collaboration to meet the growing demand generated by Internet opportunities. Collaboration includes demand planning, sourcing, fulfillment, and inventory management.

The Technical Center includes network infrastructure that connects the company, software solution, and customer. At the Center clients can demo eBusiness offerings via specific software solutions including Ariba, Inter-World, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials. People-Soft, Portal Software. Siebel. FreeMarkets, and i2 Technologies.

“Literally, the client can launch an eBusiness solution from the Center.” Balen-tine says, “Arthur Andersen’s eSolutions Center distinguishes itself from the competition by focusing on solutions in multiple, major industry segments, including energy, products, high-tech, telecom, government. and healthcare. Any company looking for high value, quick turnaround, and strategic impact will benefit from our services.”


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