An Internet Promise Realized

Think of il as High Noon meets high tech.

Think of it as MTV’s “Road Rules” meets the West

Think of it as for all things Western.

Think of it as the first webcast network with 24/7 programming to stir the passions and serve the needs of people who love the art, history, geography, and culture of the American West is an Internet promise realized-a state-of-the-art. multimedia-streaming network that offers a one-stop resource for the best of the West creating web TV, radio, news, and e-commerce for 135 communities west of the Mississippi River, aggregated into one online location.

Built on the premise that the American West is a hugely popular cultural icon for people all over the world, will showcase syndicated features and original programming from each of the network’s communities mixed with e-commerce opportunities for entertainment, travel, art, and fine merchandise from Warner Brothers, Sony, Anteks Homes Furnishings, Wrangler, Lucchese, Curator’s Collection. Saddleridge Home Collection, Remington, Stetson, an other venerated brands.

When fully launched this summer, will spotlight its original web radio programming, “On The Stream” featuring Country Western, Native American, and classic rock music for the 135 communities that are the West.’s original web TV programming, “On Trie Road Again,” will follow crew 24/7 on their travels through the West. Also featured: streaming video of classic Western movies; graphically rich, interactive multimedia catalogs of West-em merchandise’ Western lifestyle articles, vacation packages; animated interactive games: live Western netcam video of scenic wonders from state and national parks; and special event webcasts of fine horse shows, rodeos, big game hunts, and more.

Most importantly, will celebrate the big-heartedness, breathtaking beauty. and fundamental friendliness of the American West, Focused community-of-interest programming will take visitors to working ranches on branding day or the side rail for bronc’ bustin’.

Video clips will show fleeting glimpses of a lone coyote skulking through the sagebrush, an ultramodern hotel in Las Vegas, the delicate bloom on an Arizona desert cactus, a salmon run in Oregon, and a thousand dusty roads to adventure. You can also follow the day’s sunset by scrolling through’s webcams.

“Our goal is to rapidly become the single, branded-source of online Western Lifestyle information and products for people around the globe who are passionate about the American West,” says chairman Bob Miller, who co-founded the company with Jack Hosterman in 1999. “We believe an unregulated Internet aggregator can compete at a distinct advantage over established media and retailers.” is a hybrid business-to-busi-ness, business-to-consumer, and business-to-govemment e-commerce company. And while profit is an elusive commodity for most Internet firms, “The beautiful thing about is that it has several sources of revenue and should be profitable very quickly.” says CEO Tom Clancy. The company is currently completing its first round of financing and has already initiated discussions with several investment banks who have shown interest in supplying second round financing in anticipation of a possible IPO.

All in all, it looks like “Happy Trails” ahead for


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