All Clicks Are Not Created Equal

When leaders of epicRealm took note of the struggle companies were having as they tried to do business on the raw Internet, they decided to offer a radical new solution-a global network dedicated to making e-business work effectively. Dubbed an “Internet superstructure,” the network is composed of thousands of servers located around the world at strategic points on the Internet.

“The people at epicRealm are excited to be on the cutting edge of such an important innovation,” says John Ferguson, President and CEO. “Analysts say that traffic demand on the Internet is doubling every lour to six months as more and more people turn to online shopping, but other statistics indicate that they aren”t always having a great experience. According to Andersen Consulting, one in four online transactions were not completed this past holiday season. For the online merchant, that means thousands of unhappy customers and millions in lost revenues. Our technology can change that.”

The epicRealm network is infused with a rich array of new technology that allows content to be distributed throughout the network, traffic to be prioritized according to a subscriber’s business rules, and communication to provide feedback to customers during extended transactions. In other words, it’s a faster, smarter, and more customer-conscious environment in which to do e-business.

The idea appealed to Jose Pierre, Senior Vice President of TD Waterhouse. the third-largest online brokerage firm worldwide. “epicRealm is revolutionizing how business is conducted on the Internet;’ says Pierre. “The ability to work with advanced content distribution, customized traffic management, and prioritization services allows us to conduct e-commerce without long waits, sluggish performance and unexplained hitches.”

epicRealm launched its PriorityRealm service in April 2000, shortly after closing $90 million in funding. The company has already announced partner agreements with EDS, IBM Corporation, ICL and Arthur Andersen. The company’s growth has been explosive- from 34 to more than 160 employees. Ferguson expects the company to employ 250 people by the end of the year when it moves to its new 75.000-square-foot office space in Richardson.

“Internet innovation is happening at light speed,” Ferguson observed. ” And epic-Realm is right in the middle of the hottest problem area-how to make e-business really work. Companies like epicRealm bring a whole new paradigm to the Internet, one in which the network is working for you, not against you. Site meltdowns due to flash crowds will be a thing of the past.”

The only thing you can call such a vision is, well. epic. If you want to know more about epic-Realm, visit it’s web site at www.epic-realm .com


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