A New Star on the Web

With a mission to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare, Columbia/HCA North Texas Division has taken healthcare one step further by placing important medical information and resources right at the fingertips of the con-sumer. The new web site. LonestorHealth.com, connects consumers to one of the largest healthcare networks on the web.

The user-friendly web site provides helpful information and interactive resources including doctors, hospitals, referrals, community events, expert advice, health news, research trends, and career opportunities. A simple search tool enables browsers to navigate through an extensive database filled with the latest healthcare news. The site features 27 million pages of health and medical informa-tion-including 11 online health magazines- provided by more than 190 expert sources.

Through the direction of Rob Dyer, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. LonestarHealth.com was created to provide a local web site for North Texans to find a doctor or hospital and access local healthcare information and news. Browsers on LonestarHealth.com find general healthcare and medical information and gain access to the individual web sites of every Columbia/HCA North Texas hospital.

“Our North Texas Division is on the forefront of the technology and information revolution, and we designed our website to reflect our leadership in the field of healthcare,” Dyer says. “LonestarHealth.com was created to satisfy inquiries for healthcare information. Because of our strong commitment to the health of the community, we provide local healthcare education opportunities, the latest trends, and news of healthcare breakthroughs specifically for our North Texas consumers. However, an individual should always consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment, and LonestarHealih.com provides referrals to those local physicians and hospitals.”

In addition to learning about many diseases or ailments from A to Z, visitors to LonestarHealth.com might send flowers–real or virtal-to someone ill, or visit Web Babies, an opportunity on the website to post or view photos of newborns ai any of the Columbia/HCA North Texas hospitals. Browsers can also use “Ask the Doctor.” an interactive feature sponsored by Medical City Dallas Hospital that connects physicians directly with consumers.

L o n e s tar-Health.com has the support of several local organizations that share Columbia/HCA North Texas Division’s commitment to quality community healthcare. Lon-estarHealth.com works in partnership with WFAA-TV Channel 8 in providing healthcare information to its web site WFAA.com and LonestarHealth.com is the healthcare provider for sports organizations such as The Texas Rangers. Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas Burn Soccer, and the Dallas Cowboys Football Club.

“Consumers want to play a more active role in their medical care and they want instant and up-to-date healthcare information,” says Columbia/HCA North Texas Division President. Bill Poteet. “In providing a healthcare digest, combined with referrals to healthcare providers. LonestarHealth.com provides the opportunity consumers are demanding in being proactive, as well as interactive, in many of their healthcare choices. Our goal is to provide consumers more access and control over their healthcare decisions in their homes, as well as in a hospital bed.”


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