top 9 things to do in February

1 Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera Opens February I. Artists of any era are intrigued by the latest technology. At the turn of the last century, the latest technology was photography. The works of the symbolists-artists as different as Rodin, Moreau, Picasso, and Degas-are juxtaposed with late 19th century photographers-Steichen, Muybridge, and Spits-to illustrate how one influenced the other. Organized by the DMA, this exhibit arrives from San Francisco and leaves in May for the Guggenheim in Bilbao. J.E.R. Chilton Galleries, Dallas Museum of Art. 214-922-0174.

2 Kids in the Hall February 3, In a world where the bathroom humor of Adam Sandler actually elicits laughter, the intelligence of a comedy troupe like the Emmy award-winning “Kids in the Hall” is a welcome relief. No subject is sacred to the Canadian-bred troupe: not love, not suburbia, and certainly not the middle class. This live show relies on satire, not base humor. 8 p.m., Bronco Bowl. 214-943-1777.

3 Baroque to Balanchine February 18. Artist director Benjamin Houk premieres his latest creation for the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet in the company of some of the medium’s finest works: Jose Limon’s interprétai ion of Othello’s tragic tale. The Moor’s Pavilion; Marius Peipa’s Don Quixote; and Balanchine’s Stravinsky Violin Concerto, The hodgepodge of styles, themes, and tales is a reminder that an evening at the . ballet is more than just pretty girls en pointe. 8 p.m., Bass Hall. 817-377-9988.

4 Ray Chartes February 1. Back when rhythm and blues was considered “race music,” the plunking of Ray Charles’ keyboard made everyone dance. Fifty years later, R&B is at the top of the charts and die legendary piano man is still moving crowds. Along with die Fort Worth Symphony, Ray Charles will turn Bass Hall into a jumping juke joint, all for the benefit of cancer research as part of the American Airlines Community Concert. 8 p.m., Bass Hall 817-26I-7654.

5 Lowell Lieberman’s Symphony No. 2 February 11. Although composer Lowell Lieberman’s latest work may not have been what American poet Walt Whitman envisioned when he penned”! Sing the Body Electric.” this melding of voices and strings is an appropriate tribute to the author. Based on Whitman’s writings, “Symphony No. 2” is just one of the works slated for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s late-winter concert. 8 p.m., The Meyerson. 214-692-0203.

6 Golden Gloves Tournament February 19. Before Mike became a carnivore and AH resembled a vegetable, they made their names as amateurs battling in the Golden Gloves ring. Check out the future stars of American boxing before Don King gets his hands on them. Fair Park. 214-670-8400.

7 Tony and Tina’s Wedding February 8, Tony and Tina are getting hitched, and you’re one of the honored guests. Watch oui for the Mafioso-types out front who may frisk you at the door, but all in all, this wedding is one you won’t want to miss: un Italian buffet straight out of Bensonhurst and a cast who will have you rolling down the aisles. Audience participation is a must, so be prepared to trip the light fantastic with Tina’s pregnant bridesmaid, or spend some time at the bar with Uncle Luigi. 8p.m., Weisfeld Center, 1508 Cadiz at Browder. 214-373-8000.

8 Tap Dogs February 25.Those who consider tap a dying art should check out this show with its pulsating rhythms and mind boggling footwork. Some of the most-respected dancers from across the globe stmt their stuff in thisninety-minute showcase of tap atits very best. Critics call it the “industrial revolution ofdance”: we call it loud. thumping fun. 8 p.m., BassHull, 214-631-ARTS.

9 Bis Bear Big Cats…Predators II. Feb- ruary 21-May 21. These stuffed animals aren’t your cuddly types. They are some of the world’s most dangerous predators-lions and tigers and bears, oh my. “Predators II” explores not’ only the animals themselves, hut their role in our ecosystem. Be sure and stop in at Carnivore Café; tell ’em D sent you. Dallas Museum of Natural History. 214-421-4356.


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