Feedback “D” Magazine should change its color from red to yellow…”

“D Magazine should change its color from red to yellow…. “

“Family Place” Gets Mixed Reviews

Great article by Glenna Whitley. My last experience with The Family Place dates back to 1993, and I see nothing has changed. I had been a volunteer family violence counselor for The Family Place for three years when I was terminated without explanation, then shunned by people who were previously friendly to me. including now Executive Director Paige Flink. After failing to obtain an explanation from anyone on the staff or board of directors, I finally found out why from other volunteers. My sin was that I was helping raise funds for other family violence programs in Dallas, a deed (hat The Family Place apparently considered traitorous. It’s too bad that petty, defensive, territorial behavior has for so long existed and been tolerated in an otherwise outstanding agency.



I FOUND YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT THE FAMILY Place very interesting and disturbing. I’ve donated items to The Family Place in the past and knew some staff members personally. It was always believed that The Family Place was untouchable because of their standing in the community.

Ms. Whitley ought to be admired for reporting what others have known for some time. Her commentary of Paige Flink and The Family Place was open and honest. I hope with this story and support from others, Deborah Dauphine can heal from this experience. Keep up the good work.



I RECEIVED A COPY OF YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT The Family Place from a fellow therapist. I was upset, to say the least. As a child and adolescent therapist in the Dallas community, I have had the opportunity to work closely with The Family Place. I have referred countless clients to this amazing agency.

I was outraged at your inaccurate article. Your description of Paige Flink is pure slander. I have had the opportunity to speak with her on numerous occasions, The work she has done for domestic violence survivors is commendable. While this is a worthy cause, few are willing to speak out for battered women. Paige is not afraid to do so.

Although I am not an employee of The Family Place. I was hurt by your critical, dishonest article. It is no wonder that several other publications turned it down.

Shelley Coleman, M.A., L.P.C.

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D Magazine SHOULD CHANGE ITS TRADEMARK color from red to yellow to reflect its tendencies for yellow journalism. Short of adding a lotto game and a page six girl, it is hard to see what more D Magazine can do to turn itself into a grocery store tabloid. This trend has reached it’s nadir in the most recent issue’s attack on The Family Place.

It is obvious from every aspect of this article, down to the photography, that the author had a mission to sully the representation of a fine organization in order to sell magazines. It would take volumes to list all of the inaccuracies, unfounded allegations, and perhaps downright falsehoods in the article.

Thankfully, the women who are battered (and whose cause is denigrated by the recent D Magazine article) and the children who are abused have Paige Flink for an advocate. History remembers the people who work to solve society’s problems, not the naysayers who attack them for commercial gain.


Former President

The Family Place board of directors


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