Feedback “He loved me, too, and wanted to marry me…”

Internet Romeo

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ARTICLE. I AM also a member of . I will be very careful before getting involved with anyone after reading this article. I usually take people at their word and could easily find myself in a situation like Stephanie’s.



I AM ALSO A VICTIM OF KEN EGAN. THE STORY is almost identical to Stephanie’s. I met him through Matchmaker after my divorce. He took me to Nana’s Grill, gave me roses, and swept me off my feet. He loved me, too, and wanted to marry me, and had me looking for houses in North Dallas. We dated for almost a month. We were to be married; then he suddenly had to go to Taiwan on business, so it was put off. He called me allegedly from the airport to say he would call me upon arrival in Taiwan, A few days later, I received e-mail, from a person with a different screen name on Yahoo, saying that Ken had fallen ill in Taiwan, had to have emergency surgery, and was in critical condition and not expected to live. 1 was frantic. Next, I was told he had died and his company was flying his body back to Florida to be buried without ceremony in a family plot in an undisclosed location. I was devastated, until I started chatting with another woman from Matchmaker who had also been bamboozled by him. She sent me his profile, which was now under a different screen name. He is very slick. I was a police officer for several years, and he even tricked me. so ladies beware. I have spoken with at least 8 women on Matchmaker who had been victims of his.

The good news is, I since met someone else online (not thru Matchmaker) who is a wonderful man. We married last October and couldn’t be happier, so suffice it to say, not all men are Internet Romeos!


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There is no way to stop the “Kens” in the world, Internet dating is dangerous!



I READ THIS ARTICLE WITH AMUSEMENT. POOR Stephanie. She rinds men whom she has met at church “desperate.” Yet she willingly drops her drawers for an Omar Sharif look-alike, She is a “successful” businesswoman. but is helpless when confronted by an amoral heartthrob. Did she really believe those “mob” stories’? Good grief! Frankly, it’s her own fault. My suggestion: Go back to church, meet some men with values, acquire some moral and spiritual values of your own, and save the intimacy for marriage.



OH, I AM SO SORRY FOR OUR PROTAGONIST. I completely understand because I have “been to that rodeo.” I do, however, understand more about how I played a role in the drama I experienced.



…HOW MANY MORE ARE OUT THERE? Is THERE an Internet cavalry?


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Farewell to Anders

I TRULY MISS READING JOHN ANDERS’ columns. John always had stories I could relate to, mainly about growing up in Dallas. I always felt that he and I were kindred spirits in a world that is full of “foreigners,”Even after his move to “white-bread suburbia,” he still would entertain us with stories about the old neighborhood and people and personalities from there. 1 wish the best for both him and Helen.




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