Letters “You guys must have smoked too many poppy seeds.”

The Best and Worst of Best and Worst

THE BEST AND WORST SECTION has a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, but when it comes to hamburgers, it’s more of a sour pick-le-in-the-mouth humor. Check out the short line of customers at Prince of Hamburgers-while the T-ballers’ parents show their taste and judgment at Balls.



BALLS HAMBURGERS THE ’’WORST HAMburger” in Dallas? You guys must have smoked loo many poppy seeds. I’ve lived in Dallas for 20 years and have yet to have a better burger anywhere.



I WAS ENJOYING YOUR MAGAZINE AS I ALWAYS do until I came across your “Best and Worst”-where you misquoted the kids doing the pizza taste test. The boy was describing how good one pizza was and you quoted him as saying “It’s the bone.” I do not know if his mouth was full or what, but the poor thing was telling you, “It’s the bomb!” Kids are rarely heard, but when we do hear from them let’s make sure we at least get it right!



I WAS STUNNED TO READ THAT YOUR MAGAZINE considers parking at the Crescent the worst in Dallas. Perhaps you meant that the parking situation is the worst, as the parkers who work under these circumstances are the best. I use their services and believe they have some of the best parkers you will find anywhere.



I BELIEVE YOUR “BEST & WORST” FEATURE IN January’s issue was off the mark in characterizing Blockbuster as having the “worst selection” in the Video Store category. I have been a regularcustomer before and after the new management team assumed responsibility last year. There has been a marked improvement in selection, number of videos available, and how soon videos are available after they’ve been on the big screen. I can tell you that I am one customer who is going home happier … and I don’t look just for the new releases but also for the classics and the more obscure movies.



SIXTY MILLION BLOCKBUSTER MEMBERS HAVE voted us the best video store in the world. Hmmmm.. .60 million to one.. .guess you’ve been out-voted.


VP, Corporate Communications


Revised History

HE DEGOLYER HOUSE YOU WROTE ABOUT IN your article on Dallas architecture may have been built by a Beverly Hills architect, but I doubt that it was a Beverly Hills design. The DeGolyers spent the spring of 1939 visiting California haciendas and missions with architect Burton Schutt. Traveling in a station wagon to the Hearst mansion in Carmel. then to the mission in San Gabriel, they visited 15 structures. According to Mrs. DeGoIyer, “We lived in Tuxpan. Veracruz, and Tampico for five years as newlyweds and loved the thick walls-the one-story houses with grated grills on the windows.” My point is that Schutt wouldn’t have driven them to Carmel and back to San Gabriel to look at missions if it were a Beverly Hills design. He would merely have fished a design out of one of his file drawers and said, “Behold, a genuine Beverly Hills faux hacienda.”




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