Letters “I applaud your courageous decision.”

Topless Clubs: Yes or No?

Wow! Not often does the general pub-lic get to observe a high-profile, recognized member of the intelligentsia listening carefully to an opposing view, thinking objectively, self-examining, and most amazing of all, succumbing as a result to a new course of action. It was a unique and pleasurable reading experience. I applaud your courageous decision to revise £>’s standard of advertising.



I HAVE NEVER TAKEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO CO inside a gentleman’s club and probably never will. However, I take exception to your deciding to censor my reading material, especially since it is being censored not because of content but because of where and who it conies from. If a study is produced showing that automobiles are immoral because people drink and take drugs in them, will you also decline “tasteful automobile advertising”? You are honoring your contracts with the clubs, and I will honor mine with you and pay for the remaining issues I committed to. After that, please cancel my subscription.



AS A FUTURE ATTORNEY, 1 ENJOYED READING the persuasive dialogue in Wick Allison’s “Selling Sex.”Admittedly, 1 don’t have a pref-erence for or against running the advertisements. However, I couldn’t help but find irony in the fact that Allison’s “moral judgment” against the adult entertainment clubs was printed on the back of a full-page cigarette ad. I guess the fine line between moral judgment and free speech is blurred by large advertising budgets!



HOW INTERESTING TO READ THE DISCUSSION between Dan Penetti and yourself concerning the subject of selling ads in the magazine for topless clubs. We have been concerned for years about the devastating effects of pom and obscenity in its various forms upon individuals, families, and communities, Thanks for honestly considering the ramifications of selling ads to topless bars and for being willing to change your advertising policy.



I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU HOW VERY PLEASED 1 was to hear dial D Magazine has decided not to continue advertising topless clubs. I really like to read your magazine, especially the restaurant reviews, but I have been extremely offended in the past by those particular advertisements. I had actually stopped buying D because these advertisements were so offensive to me. In a few months, when these advertisers’ contracts run out, I can buy the magazine and enjoy the features again.



I WANTED TO OFFICfALLY THANK YOU FOR RUN-ning our “e-mail boxing match” in the April 1999 issue. I commend you on your decision to accept no new advertising from topless clubs and not to renew die current contracts when they end.


Dallas Association for Decency

Thumbs Up for Tin Star

IN RESPONSE TO THE TIN STAR REVIEW IN THE April issue, I was shocked by your disappointing experience. I admit, in the beginning they had some kinks in the ordering system that needed to be (and have been!) worked out, but Tin Star’s food has remained consistently exceptional, and the quality rivals that of a full-service establishment at a reasonable price in a casual, fun environment. I hope no one passes up me opportunity to experience this hot new segment based on your discouraging comments.




Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer.