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58% are male

74% are unmarried

52% are under the age of 35 years (median age is 34)

78% have at least an undergraduate college degree

54% are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers and consultants

55% live in one-person households while 35% live in two person households

42% have lived Downtown one year or less


‧ 52% are male

5 is the median number of years they have worked Downto

51% have worked Downtown four years or less

39% drive from home to Downtown with a median commute of 27 minutes

37% use DART rail or bus from home to Downtown with a median commute of 20 minutes

65% walk outdoors at least once per day and walk an average of 3 bloc

The most common occupations are professional such as banking, law, medicine or creative, computers, telecommunications, hospitality services, clerical/secretarial and management.


Downtown is a predominant business center with over 2,500 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.

16 years is the median number of years businesses have operated in Downtown

34% have operated in Downtown for ten years or less

9 is the median number of employees

7% employ over 100 people

Downtown is…


A recent survey of Downtown Dallas businesses, employees, business visitors and residents showed that most people feel that safety, maintenance, cleanliness and image conditions in Downtown are better than three years ago. Their evaluation of Downtown was very positive, with mass transit, residential development and cultural opportunities earning the highest marks.

Commissioned by the Downtown Improvement District, the survey also collected first-time demographic information on the newest group to have an interest in Downtown – residents. Downtown is forging a new destiny for the 21st century with new businesses, residences, retail, amenities and attractions.

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