The Corporate Community


A giant in the information services industry with 15,000 employees, EDS relocated to its 378-acre Legacy campus in 1984. It wasn’t just a touchy-feely impulse for the tech no-firm-it was good business. “The quality of Legacy’s infrastructure isn’t just critical to us,” says Les Alberthal, EDS’ chairman and CEO. “It’s critical to our clients. Our headquarters is the nerve center of more than 500 offices. We process millions of bits of data. There’s no room for error. That’s where Legacy comes in. With dual utility services, we can assure our clients of ultimate reliability.”


After 80 years in a Manhattan skyscraper, the pioneer retailer brought its headquaters to a 429-acre site at Legacy, where the 4,000 employees now work in a sprawling, three-story building-much like a retail mall. “Legacy gave us the freedom to construct a campus that promotes a sense of community and communication,” says CEO, J.E. Oesterreicher. “Employees have responded well and, as a result, are more productive.”


Advanced telecommunications at the big oil company’s 25-acre campus make possible instant communication with employees, customers, and stockholders worldwide. The 650 employees who work at FINA helped design their own workplace, so no wonder the result is an open office that encourages interactions, not just on-line, but face-to-face. “The infrastructure in place at Legacy gives us the ability to use cutting-edge technology to improve our economics, products, services, and customer relations,” says Ron Haddock, CEO.


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